Connect Google Authorship and website guides
Posted date: 02:31 AM, 25/10/2016

Step 1: Add your Google+ account to verify the website.

Method 1:
Insert the following code into the web content (you can put at the bottom side of the site):
<a href=""> Viet SEO </a>
- "+ VietSEOcongtyvietseo" as your Google+ ID
- The name "Viet SEO 'must be consistent with the name on your Google+ profile.

Method 2: Insert the code into the header:
<Link rel = "author" href = "" />

Step 2: Register website (or new article URL) into your Google+ account.
Log in to Google+, then click on the page Introduction / Collaborator for / Add custom link. In this section you add a description and the name of the website that you want to confirm to become a collaborator.

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