SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization by Onpage and offpage optimization for the purpose of your website to rank high on the regional natural result of search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing SEO + PPC = (pay per click or Adwords) + LBS + VSM: search engine marketing: Using Text link advertising like Google Adwords or Yahoo to pay according click on the word keywords you want your website to appear, the majority of the keywords that you must click Bid price to appear or appear in a higher position in the section SPONSOR - Link sponsored by the search engines.

But gradually understood as Adwords SEM SEO is very difficult due to KPI (index measurement) and ROI (Return of Investment) and often discriminated SEM and SEO as above

If you want to do PPC advertising - Adwords is very easy, anyone with a credit card such as Visa International, MASTER CARD can be registered and read the Help section can be done, self-advertisement on Google or Yahoo are. But SEO is much more difficult, you can spend seven million chips to go to school or can hire SEO services company seo done for you faster.

LBS: Local Base System
VMS: Marketing Virtical search

+ SEO: Usually do long-term, not short-term work. SEO accounted for 88% of the clicks on the website.
+ Adwords usually short-term, immediately pull over uncertain and 12% of customers from search

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Step 1: Add your Google+ account to verify the website. Method 1: Insert the following code into the web content (you can put at the bottom side of the site): <a href=""> Viet SEO </a> - "+ VietSEOcongtyvietseo" as your Google+ ID - The name "Viet SEO 'must be consistent with the name on your Google+ profile. Method 2: Insert the code into the header: <Link rel = "author" href = "" /> Step 2: Register website (or new article URL) into your Google+ account. Log in to Google+, then click on the page Introduction / Collaborator for / Add custom link. In this section you add a description and the ...

Viet SEO has existed and developed since 2007. We has gone through the process of exploration and development of sustainable SEO techniques, fast and less impact on the customer sites are used, the rate reached the Top SEO web of more than 90% of the projected light SEO.   view more

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has brought many benefits to brand and new customers from the internet, particularly Google.

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Vietnam SEO always meet the strict requirements and are ready to update, edit web to customers when needed. Apart from SEO services, we also provide services

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to heterogeneity between the SEO and web standardization. Website easily be ranked higher on Google than.

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that effective , saving a significant cost component in advertising campaigns of the enterprise, from which the service costs are more competitive and bring more economic benefits, the revenue of the business. We ensure proper technique and promptly update the changes from Google. Vietnamese All information about SEO services, website design, Google adwords advertising please call: 0917 212 969 or 0908 744 256 met Mr. Thanh