10 note when designing websites on mobile devices

11/08/2022 15:34

How to build an effective website on a mobile device? Through a survey of recent mobile users, Google lists 10 basic factors causing consumers will love and choosing a mobile site.

Vietnam Internet users increasingly prefer to use mobile devices, but the back now Vietnam has not really care. In a recent study, the rate of mobile ownership in 2014 has increased almost twice, moreover, up to a third of the population (36%) use smartphones, up to 20% with 2013.

Not having or having a website is not handy and attractive nor any other created door separated from the customers. More than two-thirds of users said tend to purchase at the site has a mobile interface usability. So, if the site does not really appeal, then the loss of customers is understandable.

So to build an effective website on a mobile device, what is the optimal solution? Here are 10 basic elements that customers love and options:

1. Prioritize important factors

Mobile devices are always ready to complete all operations. Mobile users easy to ignore the item in the list, should put a call in which a user purchases the most visible.

2. Do not let information interfere Deals

Customers accessing the site for mobile devices when they clearly intend to do. So, make sure the promotional information not obstruct the operation of the customer.

3. Do not play hide and seek

Customers looking for a specific information using search engines available on the web and will leave the site quickly without the necessary information. Therefore, the search bar should be one of the first section concern when building a web interface on mobile devices.

4. Use a filter function to reduce the hassle

Space on mobile devices is relatively limited. Thus, too many search results can cause clients tangle. Fitted filter results will help manage the search easier.

5. The new customer-friendly

Forced to register can get customers refused to purchase. It is more accurate if your brand stranger.

6. Do not make it harder users

Please provide the option "hands call" (click-to-call) at the inquiry point complex and sensitive. In some locations, talking on the phone become attractive option. Especially for these enterprises to provide more information, such as insurance companies.

7. Set up multiple monitors

Many customers use the device can switch back and forth and did not want to make a purchase on mobile. Then you can support by creating opportunities through the use of email necessary information so that customers can access later on another device.

8. Automate where possible

Users will be impressed with the site can automatically appear numeric keypad to enter your ZIP code or date of birth. They also preferred the form automatically displays the next character each time fill. Let's help them do that.

9. Ingenious in words

Users often do not like to choose between "full Web" (complete interface) and "mobile site" (the interface for mobile devices), because everyone visualize the quality of mobile sites will be inferior. Do sales with mobile page is shortened. You can skillfully avoid this misunderstanding by using the word "desktop interface" instead of "complete interface".

10. Explain when users share information

Location can be an extremely useful information. However, users do not like to provide location without knowing the purpose. Let's share that information purposes. Let share location information is always empty in default mode and let them know the benefits of providing places, for example the "location near me."
10 notes when designing a website on mobile devices
When users log on to the interface for mobile devices, they are always in a state of operation immediately and always have - that may enter or leave the web site in a snap. If the site is built has met 10 factors such as shared above, the customer will implicitly easily manipulated and, of course, potential customers will be extremely impressed.