Asus NX90 currents in VN prices near $ 4,000

24/05/2021 16:36

 Unlike the previous laptop Asus NX90 focus on the sound system high quality Bang & Olufsen and 18 inch wide screen for entertainment purposes multimedia peak.

The design of the Asus NX90 very impressed with 2 speaker boxes along the two side screens and aluminum shell and palm rest glossy table. Touch pad doubles and Rotation Desktop software is an innovative designer pair of Asus brings interactive experience for the driver can feel like a real DJ.
Asus NX90 is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M card, combined Blu ray drive / DVD, supports two hard drives and USB 3.0 connectivity.
Asus NX90 with high-end audio system.
NX90 speakers bring surround sound thanks to Sonic Master technology and audio editing solution ARC.
Sonic Master technology is the most advanced audio from Asus solution combines software and hardware to create realistic sound and clarity for chamber music or settle ca. Speakers bring Sonic Master audio with least noise, deep bass sound and a larger laptop speakers usually come 8cc.
Reference price of the Asus NX90 market in Vietnam is $ 3,999.