Basic SEO Technique To Top Google

11/08/2022 15:33

Basic SEO Technique to Top

Perhaps the difficulties of those who start doing SEO is where to start, find out how, where and where the results are. Perhaps that is also the questions commonly asked about the problems began to find out, In the past with such questions, it took a lot of time and there are also time spent is We are not moving in the right direction, since we are not going in the right direction leading to a website dropping, and it takes a lot of work, so today we will give you the most basic techniques to help you have a website up. Top sustainable way of yourself called sustainable SEO tactics.

First I ask you that is doing keyword SEO, while the strategic SEO section I will say to the next post, you follow the track.

Keyword SEO: Why is it so, what is true is always true, it will follow the rules, we seek information by what, how, and where it leads us google and our website. be what After such questions, then you probably understand why it must be keyword SEO, because customers will find us, from google, with the keywords customers type on google will bring customers. to supplier or manufacturer. That is the keyword.
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Keyword SEO Methods: When we know what to do, it's time we make the way to address the issues we need to address to the goal we are aiming for. How do we pay attention to the steps taken according to what you are guiding here.

Website analysis: If you already have a website and now it's time to do keyword SEO work, at this point they return to the analysis of what our website has to meet the standards of google. No, the website's structure guarantees connections as well as the help of Google's bugs are easy to find, there are guides to help build the links, as well as the path of each page in it. Well, you should carefully consider the problems you give to ensure that google that your website is good.
Keyword Research: After the analysis to point out the problems that the website is experiencing as well as the advantages that our website is having with it is the keyword you are targeting, if the research work. Rescue keywords for new websites is quite simple, because words as well as words for the new website completely, and for webstie who have seniority on the internet, we have to study to give the keyword goal to look forward to.

Evaluating competitors: Indeed, targeting keywords, we should also study what our opponents do, and the strengths of our opponents are that, by doing so, We know what the opponent uses tips to the top, this learn a lot offline. Why do Seoers (SEOs) start to do SEO or begin to learn about SEO? You have to think about going to school somewhere, or at the expense of money, what is SEO is learning from. Many different sources, exactly google study, learn google algorithms, learn the algorithms well and your website meet the rigorous standards of google the website to top it all. Where to find out where algorithms are by any method that is effective and does not understand the result, is the study of competitors, competitors are using what and have success or not, should be successful so they are new top, I also apply as they are up to the top and so I ran and stick to them, when they stick to them, then do it to go beyond them, so that I will go up top only

Get started on our website optimization: 03 steps before we are all research and evaluate the work we will do to be sustainable SEO, now it's time to do it. Website optimization work has many things to write about it, if I have the opportunity, I will write more details about optimizing a website, but in general, the optimization work is doing the work. How website, keywords, how long the length of the interpretation and keywords how to fit the algorithm of google, the path is friendly article, the categories are arranged are appropriate or No more and many more questions about website optimization.

Introduce the website to the search engine: The truth is to introduce the machine is like a free website services, if not introduce to many people free web site services, then pay to know who knows. , accompanied by pay the ma no interest, no interest, how to find the prospect. A fairly simple example is to help you why we have to introduce websites to search engines. For example it says that.

A website has extremely high quality products and discount is quite cheap that is the page, before when I do not know anything about SEO, this site is just a product display,