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12/03/2021 by vietseo

Pay attention when hiring an SEO company

Pay attention when hiring an SEO company Most of the algorithms that Google launched this year are text-based. It can be said that content is an important part of SEO in online marketing. That means a site with good content will be better in search support. Building and developing content for your website is extremely important and it has to go along with the SEO process to achieve the best results. So you have to find yourself a SEO company that has the ability to build good content. 1. Successful SEO web projects What distinguishes those who really know SEO and those who are poorly ...

12/03/2021 by vietseo

Change the default domain by Blogger own domain

 Blogger service that allows users to replace long blog address and hard to remember a domain name other than short catchy. By default, users will be provided with a Blogger address access to personal web pages yourname.blogspot.com form is as 360.yahoo.com/yourname. If you change the default domain name is easy to remember yourname.com. For example, can replace the videoabc.net videoabc.blogspot.com, with videoabc.net the domain name you've owned from a service provider that domain. Actions to change the domain name for Blogger seemed complicated or requiring in-depth ...

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