Dispute resolution policy


1. Receiving complaints:

Vietseo.com will receive all complaints and support customers as much as possible regarding transactions at the website: https://vietseo.com/

When a dispute arises, Vietseo.com promotes a solution for negotiation and conciliation between the parties in order to maintain the trust of customers in the quality of Vietseo.com's service and implement the complaint handling process.

Contact method: Customer submits a complaint regarding a transaction made on the website by contacting Vietseo.com or Seller, through one of the following forms:

    Phone call: 0917212969

    Email: congtyvietseo @gmail.com

    Send documents or meet in person at the work address:


Headquarters: Số 299/11, Khu Phố 2, Tân Định Ward, Bến Cát Town, Bình Dương Province, Việt Nam

 Legal representative: Mai Ngoc Thanh - position: Chairman of the company cum director

Phone number: 0917212969 Email: vietseo @vietseo.com

2. Responsibilities for settling complaints:

    Complaints related to the Company's services on the website https://vietseo.com/. Such as complaints about information posted, Complaints about information security policy, ... For these complaints, Vietseo.com will be responsible for resolving complaints within 24 hours from the time of receipt. complaint information.

    Complaints related to goods, transactions, compensation, warranty on goods and services, Customer and Seller conduct agreement to resolve complaints with each other. However, Vietseo.com will support customers according to Vietseo.com's complaint policy as follows:

    vn is a place for people to easily and effectively communicate. All transactions on goods and services are agreed upon by Customer and Seller. However, to further support the interests of consumers, Vietseo.com is committed to supporting customers related to the issue of dispute resolution.

    vn is not responsible for resolving complaints to Customers regarding the legality or authenticity of the information and characteristics of goods or services. However, Vietseo.com has the role of providing information to the Customer and other assistance in its ability to help Customer protect its legal rights.

    vn receives information from Customers to check, verify and manage the content posted on E-commerce trading floor.