What is the difference between On-page and Off-page SEO?

To perform web SEO, in addition to On-Page optimization, it is also necessary to SEO Off-Page. Although this is not the main factor, it also contributes to increasing the website's ranking on Google's search engine. And the following article will help you better understand what Off-Page SEO is and the techniques involved in it.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO are activities that are not performed directly on the website, but it also has an impact on the development of web rankings. By building a link system such as blog 2.0 development, marketing on social platforms, forums... to point links to the main web. The purpose is to increase traffic to the website.

What is the difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

If off-page SEO is a way to boost web rankings with links pointing from other domains, on-page SEO is not so. On-Page are activities performed optimally on your own website such as: designing UX / UI interface to match the user experience, internal linking, improving page loading speed, content....

Backlink is a prerequisite factor in off-page SEO activities. Websites with a large number of points from the internet are always appreciated by Google.

Especially if those links are reputable websites, the display on the keyword rankings will achieve a higher position. Each of those links is like a Google prestige vote for your website. The more votes the website has, the higher the Top position will be.

Link building in Off-Page SEO is an important activity. Each link building is like a vote for your website. The higher the number of quality links pointing, the more votes you have. This way, you will have more chances of getting a higher position in Google search results. So Link Building (Backlink) is an important factor in Off-Page seo techniques.

Quality backlinks are links that are highly valued by Google and bring good results in the web SEO process. Here are the factors to evaluate the quality of a Backlink

  • Website with high DR
  • Web related to the same field, industry
  • Relevance from domain, category, content
  • Good quality content
  • There are many IPs
  • Backlinks have stable traffic
  • Use effective anchor text

Techniques SEO off-page

The latest techniques in SEO off-page

There are many ways to build backlinks in Off-Page SEO. Either way is effective, but it is important that you understand the background knowledge and need to dig deeper to be able to come up with a good SEO strategy. Here are some effective backlink building techniques:

1. Social Profile/ Social Book & Citation

Backlink Social is very easy to create, any SEO person can build this type of link. Just create an account on social networks like facebook, instargam,…

Besides, you need to pay attention to creating accounts, profiles, blogs so that users can easily connect to your website. In addition, creating backlink-related content that you share will also help promote your brand better. Thereby increasing traffic to the web.

IFTTT is a tool that helps automate in building backlinks to your website. With this tool you will not need to spend much time and still have a number of backlinks pointing to the web. By installing the recipe at first, it will automatically bring quality backlinks to the web.

This is the type of backlink built by replying to comments on the blog, the comment content is the introduction or information that readers are interested in. To be able to comment on blogs you need to provide your name, comment text and email address. There are also some blogs that require you to be linked to a facebook account to work. This tool is completely free and easy to use.

4. Forum

Forums are also a great source of backlinks at no cost. However, to achieve high efficiency in linking, you need to choose quality forums related to your web field. The way to search is very simple, you just need to search the forum plus the field you are interested in. Example: forum + marketing

5. PBN – Private Blog Network

How to build backlinks on the PBN system takes a lot of budget and effort. However, the effect it brings is really very good. For a good SEO, they often make the most of this backlink source to bring the best results for SEO.

This is the type of backlink chosen by many businesses and SEOers. Because of the amount of traffic that this link carries is extremely large. However, to get backlinks, you have to spend a rather expensive amount of money. However, this is still the top choice today because it helps businesses increase coverage and brand recognition. Especially it promotes SEO ranking improvement very well.

7. Guest Post

Guest Post it is like a form of link exchange. That means you can put your website's link on another website.

From this activity, the website will get an additional number of visitors, besides you will also have to pay some money for the website that has put the link on. This will help you build sustainable backlinks and improve the credibility of the web.

8. Build web 2.0

In addition to the above ways, building web 2.0 is also an effective way to develop backlinks. These websites not only help you build a completely free quality content system, but also develop a very good backlink system. Here are some web 2.0s that are popular today:

  • Tumblr.com
  • Wix.com
  • Blogspot.com
  • Weebly.com

How to optimize Off-Page SEO effectively

To be able to effectively perform off-page SEO, you first need to standardize techniques related to on-page seo such as: optimizing user experience UX/UI, page loading speed, article content, friendly website whether it's responsive to dynamic devices or not, improve internal links, etc. and need to determine the anchor text to be able to get backlinks.

When you have completed the above content well, then off-page SEO is really effective. Here are the ways to optimize off-page SEO that you should know:

This is a backlink building strategy that takes a lot of work and time. However, the effectiveness of this way of building links in SEO is great. Currently there are some popular link models such as:

  • Link wheel
  • Link Pyramid
  • Web Link
  • Link Star
  • Link Chain

2. Use Anchor Text Effectively

For SEO, optimizing Anchor Text will bring huge conversions. Because Anchor Text is a piece of content that contains a link. If users find the content attractive and click, it helps the website to be rated higher.

Here are some notes when using Anchor Text:

Do not repeat the anchor text too much

Content should not be generic or use words like: read more, see more, click because these words do not bring high clicks.

Frequently asked questions about Off-Page SEO?

1. Why need Off-Page SEO?

In order for a website to rank Top, you must use both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO techniques. Optimize well On-Page then deploy Off-Page to build backlinks. Because when you build a good backlink system, you will get a huge amount of traffic pouring in, increasing the credibility of the web and making it easier to rank for keywords.

Because the Google search engine highly appreciates the websites that many links on the internet point to.

The above article is the information shared about Off-Page SEO. Hopefully, the content provided by Viet SEO will bring you useful knowledge, so that you can better implement your SEO plan.

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