Elements and works of offpage SEO | VIET SEO

11/08/2022 15:31

What is Offpage SEO?

Offpage SEO is a set of tips to optimize factors outside the website, including 3 important factors:

1. Link building

2. Marketing on social networks

3. Marketing by media (clips, images)

Among all 3 factors is link building, social network marketing, media marketing, link building is the most important factor as well as the most influence on your website rankings in search engines, especially Google.

What is quality backlink?

The backlinks act as a vote for your website. The more quality votes you have, the more likely your site is to rank in search results. Quality backlink includes the following factors:

1. Backlink in the same field.

2. Quality backlink content: Must have few links out, don't spam keywords, have links to, content long enough (about 2,000 words, with images), ...

3. Age of the backlink: The longer the backlink is, the more valuable it is.

SEO offpage

What is building backlinks in a natural way?

When building links you need to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Time to build backlinks is not too fast.

2. Do not build too many backlinks at the same time.

3. Limiting the number of backlinks to the website suddenly changed.

Above are some basic ideas about SEO Offpage and especially link building strategy (link building).