Free Microsoft phones for employees

24/05/2021 16:41

 Approximately 90,000 people work for the world's No. 1 software will be used phone running Windows Phone 7. It is said to be part of a campaign to prevent people from using the Apple iPhone.

"Smartphone running Windows Phone 7 will be distributed to each employee when the product is on the market," a senior official of Pocket-lint sheets Microsoft said. The action of giant software company is quite similar to what Apple did in 2007. All employees working for "apple" in the first year will be used iPhone for free.
Microsoft is putting much hope on Windows Phone 7. Photo Cnet.
Microsoft recently announced Windows Phone 7 browser will integrate only the default search is Bing. This is the weak point of this operating system for iOS 4 and Android allows users to install many different search engines like Google, Yahoo ...