Google secretly invested $ 100 million in Zynga

12/03/2021 11:41

 Techcrunch Page said Google had secretly invested $ 100 to $ 200 million in Zynga - leader of games for social networks. Zynga has received about half a billion dollars invested only from the venture capital fund within 1 year.

Part of the investment deal was completed over a month ago. The relationship of the two strategic partners are still in the development process.
This acquisition is the Google investment, not by Google Ventures, and there is a high strategic agreement. Zynga will be a milestone for Google Games, will be launched this year. Zynga not only gives Google Games a solid foundation to build on the social networking game, it also gives Google the beginning of the relationship when users log into Google to play the game.
It would not be surprising if PayPal was replaced by Google Checkout to pay online. Zynga is considered the largest single customer of PayPal, and Google is always looking for ways to Google Checkout becoming more popular.
The source also said that the first half of 2010 revenues of Zynga will reach $ 350 million - great numbers when half of them are profitable. Zynga is looking forward to the prospect of revenue hits $ 1 billion in 2011, far exceeding the expectations of investors.
Zynga continues to work with the business of business development strategies. The reason the deal so attractive to companies such as Yahoo, Google is because Zynga allows them to quickly rebuild the social relationships that Facebook now holds. For some reason, everyone was giddy. When they were addicted, they will come back the next day. That's why growth is helping Facebook today.
According to TechCrunch.