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12/03/2021 by vietseo

Google history and SEO

 Google not only cache, cookies logged into SEOer computer when they click on keywords to increase CTR Seo but also save your behavior to Google History, which explains why you suddenly need to find keywords Seo his climb to the top 1 very quickly and could not believe his eyes again, it was clear the cache, clear cookies machine ... The result is still very high, but when using another computer tool used in other places or check the results show very bad.  For many people the power on or off such xi What magnesium, many people are afraid of Google store your personal information ...

24/05/2021 by vietseo

Steps to SEO content writing as standard

What is standard SEO article like?       Naturally written, don't repeat a keyword too many times.      The main keywords are well explained.      The main keyword should appear 3 times, respectively in the first part of the article, the middle paragraph and 1 time at the end of the article.      Important keywords must be placed on the H tag and the description of the image in the post.     The post title is placed in the H1 tag.      The title & ...

12/03/2021 by vietseo

Tips poisonous help improve SEO on the web

Sometimes, the application developer can create many technical decisions for Web applications, which will directly affect the search rankings of other programs. As for online applications, such as Shopping Cart, then the application of Search Engine Optimization - SEO can affect vital for that application. In the next part of the article, we will introduce five basic suggestions, but quite useful to "narrow" the gap between the web application and the Search Engine you today. 1. Establish formal URL: Actually, the search engine does not "enjoy" the work you create ...

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