21 SEO onpage optimization tool effective

Posted date: 10:52 AM, 11/03/2016

Onpage Seo is a no simple task in the process of SEO website. The following article will guide you about 21 free seo tools to optimize the best onpage seo.

1. WordStream

A free tool but not inferior quality products on the market cost. Wordsteam can analyze keywords and offers thousands of keyword ideas are taken in very large databases from more than one trillion unique searches.


2. Keyword Eye Basic

If you are looking for a tool to suggest keywords Keyword Eye Basic image then will be your workhorse for by excellent operational capabilities and separate.

3. Keyword Tool YouTube

It is also an indispensable tool when SEO keywords on Youtube. Youtube Keyword Tool certainly familiar to those who make money Youtube

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4. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest use the "Hint" data from Google and others. A great tool for the development of long-tail phrases.

We all know the new Google Panda algorithm update opened up a new era for quality content. There will be no poor quality content or duplicate content regularly appears top of the SERPs. This tool will help you develop better quality content.

5. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool helps us optimize the keywords Anchor Text offer similar content. The keywords likely to be considered more optimal and marked by hand.

6. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML


Change content to Word for longer links is a free conversion tool for documents created in Microsoft Word, Writer, and word processing software other.

7. Copyscape


To prevent Google Panda algorithm penalty, you should use the software to check documents Copyscape free. This software allows you to enter a URL to detect duplicate content to help verify that your content must be original.

Xenu's Link Sleuth 8

Xenu Link Sleuth is a software-based computer to check the website's link is broken. It performs validation link text, frames, images, local image maps, and derived.

9. Robots.txt Generator


Optimal job in SEO Onpage robots.txt file will become easier if the help of software utilities Robots.txt Generator.

10. Robots.txt Checker


Robots.txt Checker is a "confirmation" that will parse a robots.txt file to verify the format is valid.

11. URI Valet


Use URI Valet to check the total number of subjects (http request), time to download, detailed objects, document internal links and external links with the server header check.

12. Title and Description Optimization Tool

This title and optimization tools described for insight as to what the top competitors are using to rank title and description. The engine competitors best intelligence of its kind.

13. Image Tool SEO


With SEO Tools image, simply enter a URL and name checking tool this image, the alt attribute, and size. Warning is given if a potential problem is detected.

14. Schema Creator

Schema Creator tool is the easiest way to start creating HTML with schema.org microdata.

15. Google Snippet Preview


Clips appear in a Google search is usually taken from the meta tags. Google tool to help preview snippets and optimize what is visible to the search.

Structured Data Testing Tool 16


Structured Data Testing Tool verification Tool Schema.org data type or any other markup structure.

17. XML Sitemap Generators

XML Sitemap Generators create "web style" XML sitemap file and URL list (some may also support other formats).

18. XML Sitemap Inspector

XML Sitemap Inspector confirm your sitemaps (XML or gunzip), fix the errors, and ping all the search engines.

19. Pingdom Website Speed ​​Tool


Tools Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test of the load time of the page, analyzes it, and find bottlenecks.

20. Fiddler

Fiddler is a web debugging tool that logs all HTTP (S) connection between the computer and the Internet.

Free SEO Toolkit 21. Microsoft

You've been using this tool for your website, it is time to run a full SEO audit, complete with detailed reports. Fortunately, Microsoft has created a free SEO tool that does that.

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