Ro Google rumored upcoming launch new social network

Posted date: 09:53 AM, 01/07/2017

 Members sharing site Digg founder Kevin Rose, the company revealed the world's largest search Google Me prepare the launch, the product has similar functions Facebook.

Kevin said, Google Me project is that it has long cherished and await the opportunity to launch public. This is also the product of Google strategy to topple the dominance of Facebook. "Certainly not long before Google Me will be released," said founding member Digg.
The whole world is waiting to see Sergey Brin (left) and Larry Page, Google co-founder of two, has launched Google Me or not.
Home The Age also quoted by Adam D'Angelo, former Facebook CTO and co-founder is a social network Quora Q & A: "It's absolutely not a rumor. Google Me project is real. " Also, Adam insisted he get this information from a reliable source.
In fact, the giant search company Google Buzz ownership, sharing sites have been considered a rival of Twitter. This feature was added to Google Gmail as add-on, to assist users to share links, photos, videos and status messages. In addition, the company also holding Orkut social network boot from 1/2004. However, it is only common in the two countries India and Brazil.
"They find themselves Buzz is just not enough to compete with Facebook. Therefore, the need to build a social network with full high advanced features is probably inevitable ", Adam D'Angelo analysis. "Google Me project can be seen as a top priority for the Giants in the present moment."
Analyst Greg Sterling of Sterling Market Intelligence Company (USA) to identify, in the case of Google launches social network to rival Facebook, which will be a great challenge for the company. "Google should adopt new innovative solutions to the features of the product, rather than repeat what Facebook has done," Greg said.
Recently, Facebook has faced criticism for many of the vulnerabilities personal information of users. Nevertheless, these cases do not seem to have a big impact on the speed of its rapid growth now and in the future. It is expected that only a short time, the social network will reach a record number of members up to 500 million people worldwide.
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