Trafficking movement celebrity name

Posted date: 04:43 AM, 14/07/2015

Not only Mr Pham Nhat Vuong domain, the network also sell other domain related to famous people such as elected Germany, Cuong "dollar" ... even the showbiz as My Tam, Dam Vinh Hung ...
On Monday 13/11 network domains for sale began to appear the information to sell the domain name "doannguyenduc" (namesake elected Germany) and "" (middle name with dollar strength. "Only thing, the reserve price Points to bid on this domain have extremely low levels: 1 USD.
Meanwhile, 15/11, domain name "" (namesake Vincom Pham Nhat Vuong boss for sale with prices up to $ 100,000.

Domain "" for sale for $ 100,000, on a par with prices domain name "".
Domain was a man in HCMC for sale for $ 100,000 dollars. This domain name related to Hoa Phat boss - Tran Dinh Long. Mr. Long is not only the name in the list of richest people in Vietnam Stock Exchange which was the 2nd private jet ownership in Vietnam.
Raovatdomain page, domain name "" (related to the singer Dam Vinh Hung) is for sale for $ 2,000 dollars by a man named Van Hung employer phone number 091xxx4144 sale. This person stated this sale is the domain name for the singer Dam Vinh Hung and fans. Also, the price was only $ 2,000 starting point and may change.
Also with the same invitation: "Let's exchange with famous singers My Tam, we introduce to you personal web" "he Vietnam in HCMC this domain offering price of US $ 5,000 . Attached to this website is the individual domain associated with the American singer as center, or ...
2008 along with the "war on paper border" between the top and singer hotgirl Cards Hoang Thuy Linh, on online communities also appear word thuytop.vnm domain sale. The starting price for this domain is US $ 123. Similarly, other hot names like hongnhung, Trongtan, haanh ... also for sale with prices starting from $ 1 to hundreds of dollars.
Talking to of related domain names for sale himself, boss Football Club mountain town - Hoang Anh Gia Lai - Doan Nguyen Duc was not surprised and said that what happened on networking community.
"I think many people also coincides with his name. I am not interested in this because it's just because my name is not set up virtual" Mr. German said.
Still undecided who will own the domain name associated with this well-known people, but analysts said the specialists are considered the start of service "selling celebrity names" that are the pieces fertile land in the virtual environment.
The director of a company in Hanoi Informatics business domain name speculation that celebrity domain name has appeared in Vietnam for quite some time, but new is a hobby but actually there are not many buyers. "Business domain name celebrity overseas may grow long but in VN is new for e-commerce has not been law but widely applied," the director explains.
"Many agencies and organizations also hardly pay attention to the site, it said anything about money several hundred, even several thousand dollars to buy the domain name or the domain named after them," the director said. However, he said that in the future, this area will actually develop the e-commerce really have a place on par with the transactions in the normal environment.

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