The process and main tasks when doing SEO

08/10/2021 15:41

Usually, when we start SEO a website, we usually have the following steps:

1. Keyword analysis: Based on keyword analysis tools like Google adwords, Google suggest to choose the most appropriate and effective keywords.

2. Select the links in the website that match the keywords.

3. Identify keywords that need link building. Promote the website on other websites, social networks, blogs...

4. Check the website. Check to edit the web source code (if necessary), update the necessary content for the specified keyword.

5. Check, monitor and evaluate. Check progress evaluation, keyword rankings monthly or as needed.

SEO Progress

The main jobs when we perform SEO services are:

1. Check website quality, edit HTML tags, title & description tags to make the website more search engine friendly.

2. Add robots, sitemap.xml, Google Search Console...

3. Register your website to the main search engines like Google, Bing, Coc Coc...

4. Register the website to the website directory.

5. Build a quality backlink system, with the same industry pointing to the website.

6. Check keywords monthly to correct errors if any.

The onpage and offpage SEO work will be checked and performed by us periodically (on average once a month) or when there are new SEO signs from Google.