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16/02/2023 byvietseo

How to get your website indexed by Google quickly

Indexing plays a very important role. It is the first step to a successful SEO strategy, helping to ensure your pages appear above Google search results. Indexing is just one important step in the chain of steps required for a successful SEO strategy. The entire process can be broken down into about three steps in total: Collect data on the Web. Indexing. Rating. Did you know that it is possible to get Google to index your site quickly? In this article, we'll share how to get Google to crawl and index your site quickly, faster than your competitors. What is crawling, indexing, and ranking? Every page discovered by Google goes through the same process, including crawling, indexing, and ranking. They are steps in Google's process to discover web pages on the World Wide Web, and show them higher in their search results. First, Google will crawl your Web site to see if it's worth including in its index. The step after crawling will be called indexing. Assuming that your site passes the first reviews, this will be the step where Google proceeds to assimilate your site into its own classified database index of all available pages, without Google has crawled so far. And ranking is the final step in the process. This is where Google will display your query results. Google will do this in less than a millisecond. Finally, the web browser performs the rendering process so that it can properly render your web page, allowing it to ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Tips to design an effective and impressive business website

Good business Web design will make the first impression for users and also potential customers in the future. You need to help customers understand information about products and services and create excitement for them. Let's learn about the best and most effective way to design a business website with Viet SEO 1. Clarifying your product or service When users visit your business website, you need to highlight the core value of your product to retain and attract customers' attention. Beautiful graphic design and high-quality images will help enhance the effectiveness of your website. Besides, pay attention to the message on the website to make customers understand the business best and remember the product even when leaving the website. 2. Build a website that delivers a good user experience An important thing when designing a business website is to ensure a good and pleasant experience for users to visit. This requires coordination between technical developers, designers and IT staff. A website with easy navigation and a friendly layout will help attract users and form lasting relationships with customers. Designing a business website needs to focus on page navigation and create fast download times. Specific clear text and social sharing functionality is also a useful feature to have on the site. 3. Interested in SEO If your website is not search engine optimized (SEO), you will have a hard time driving traffic and increasing your ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Why should you design a website for your business?

What are the benefits of website design for your business? Why web design? The importance of website design. Why should you design a website for your business? Designing a website does not guarantee your business will grow. Many people mistakenly believe that having a website means having customers. A new website is like a newly opened company, you must have a strategy to promote it to many people to expect results. - If you are not familiar with computers, there are at least 2 solutions for you. One is that you have to learn basic computer science. Living in the age of technology, computer skills are a must if you want to start an online business. Second, you can also hire someone to do this. However, you still have to have a basic understanding of computers and the internet to be able to manage your business. As mentioned above, owning a website does not guarantee your business will grow. Before building, you need to have a long-term development plan for it. During the website's operation, you also need to have a plan to promote it, for example using channels such as SEO services, PPC, social marketing, video marketing, email marketing.... Depending on your needs and business strategy, you should develop these channels. - Finding a reputable company in the field is a concern for many people. You need to consider before choosing. Website design for business and its importance 1. Establish presence There are approximately 300 million people in ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Things to keep in mind when designing Website on Mobile interface

Fixing the following will help businesses optimize Website design on Mobile interface, improve user experience. Website optimization for Mobile version is a mandatory requirement when building a Website. Because according to Statista statistics, mobile accounts account for more than 50% of Web traffic worldwide. This version is not optimized which means you could waste your marketing budget. And missed opportunities to reach potential customers. Not to mention, it also plays an important role in improving the customer experience. To be able to optimize the Website on this interface, here are the points you need to note: Ease of operation Pay attention to create space when designing Website Website design in harmony, avoid distracting viewers Prioritize 1-column layout for best display Check Website Readability Double check the CTA and call button on the Website Use the correct number of fields to fill in when creating the registration form Short, concise title 1. Ability to operate easily If the Web version you have more space to present the product catalog and calls to action like “Buy”, “Sign up now”, “Join now”. Then with the mobile interface, if not properly arranged, everything will become messy and complicated. At this point, visitors may miss important links, call-to-action buttons or have to enlarge their already small mobile screens to interact with your Website. Besides, when designing a ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Advantages and disadvantages of website design services

If you are a shop owner, a business owner, creating a website for your company or store is really necessary. With the need to build and design websites, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each web design method is also a way to help you get oriented in finding the most suitable website design method. Let's join Viet SEO to immediately refer to the following article: 1. Open source website design Open source website design (Opensource) is simply understood as the design process in which programmers can use the website interface or publicly shared resources and source code to create a website. Build a complete website. In Vietnam, web design services using Opensource are mainly Wordpress website design, Joomla or Magento website design, OpenCart. Advantage: Free to use: Without spending too much time or effort, you can also create your own website for free. The support comes from the user community: With open source websites being developed strongly and widely today, it is largely due to the user community and IT sharing on the internet. Therefore, in the process of building open source web, if you are facing some difficulties, through the user community, you can find answers to the problems you encounter. Update new versions quickly: For open source websites, the speed of updating versions and patching bugs is very fast. Therefore, even if you are not knowledgeable about security, you can still have some peace of mind thanks to these ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Top 5 best free web design software

Designing a website seems to be very complicated because it is a collection of many lines of code and specialized tools. However, with the development of technology today, building a website for yourself is no longer too complicated with web design software and effective support tools. In this article, we will introduce to you the top 5 best free web design software, let's find out now! I. What is web design? Website design is simply the work of creating a website for a business, company or organization. Customers will be able to find information about products and services of the business there in the most complete and convenient way. Web design includes many different skills such as HTML coding, web interface design, web programming, search engine optimization. Individuals will often work in groups with each assistant avoiding a different stage, also some individuals may do all the stages, but this will create less professionalism. Because usually people who specialize in designers will have a higher aesthetic than those who specialize in coding. And people who are always developing code will have more time to focus on upgrading technology. There are two main methods for website design: static Web design and dynamic Web design. Static design is the use of HTML, video, image, flash, audio, and CSS code snippets to create a website interface and save the filename with the extension: .htm or .html. In static web design, there are no database systems ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Steps to build an effective website

Many bloggers and business owners want to start a website but are not sure where to start. With that in mind, this article will demonstrate the process of creating a website in 8 simple steps. We'll start with a clear plan, diving into choosing hosting, domain names, content management, and website design. Then we'll briefly discuss how to create great content and some recommendations for useful website plugins you can use. Finally wrap up with some tips to attract visitors to your site. 1. Determine the purpose of the website When a small business first sets up a website, it is possible that you will make a mistake about the role the website plays in the business. From there, you either have to upgrade your hosting plan within the first few months of setting up your website, or pay for a hosting service that you don't really need for a long time. Therefore, you must find out the purpose of the website before choosing a hosting package. A blog site and an online store will have different requirements and obvious differences that need to be considered. Eg: Some online stores will never need more than ten pages of product information, while others will need catalogs of thousands of products. Many retail websites will have to implement an e-commerce conversion, but that is not a requirement because many websites are created solely for the purpose of providing promotional information for the purpose of attracting customers. goods to their ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

The trends of the e-commerce industry in the future

In this article, let's take a look at the trends of the e-commerce industry in recent years so that businesses can better understand where to focus their efforts. force in 2023. Especially as experts have seen an increase in mobile sales and a shift towards social media – it will significantly affect the future of brands brand. The global e-commerce market is growing at a rapid pace. It is expected that by the period of 2023 – 2025, this field is expected to reach a revenue of about 4.5 trillion USD and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, e-wallets… could be the emerging trends that will do the job. change the future of e-commerce. As the pandemic broke out across the globe in 2023, E-Commerce became the open road for the retail industry. But while businesses are rapidly transforming their operations on online platforms, many are still not clear on which e-commerce channel to prioritize. Future trends of e-commerce industry Trends of future e-commerce industry. 1. Multi-channel shopping Today, the majority of consumers research brands online before they even set foot in a physical store. Because the customer journey now has a multitude of touchpoints across different devices, it is important for businesses to fully integrate their channels to provide an easy, comprehensive shopping experience. Omnichannel procurement – seamless integration of a company's online and physical channels, which can be a valuable revenue ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

The benefits of SEO impact on sales and brand of the business

In the era of the internet boom, in order to serve the development of business sales and brands, SEO has become an important and necessary need for businesses. It becomes a vital factor for the success or failure of businesses, more importantly when the Covid epidemic around the world is increasingly complicated. 1. SEO helps you reach the right customers Thanks to SEO techniques such as keyword research, quality backlink building, regularly updated useful content information will help many searchers. When a person has a need to buy a product, they will go to Google to search for a place to buy the item they need to buy. Then the websites that do good SEO will reach the right keywords right away. For long-standing businesses, if they already have loyal customers and a sufficient number of potential customers, stable revenue, SEO Website should also be used to create more value, especially in terms of issues. sales subject. For new businesses, this is something that should be included in their online business development strategy, helping businesses quickly reach customers and gain market share on the online channel. 2. Sustainable Google rankings Once your SEO marketing strategy is right, the search results for keywords will appear at the top of Google for a long time. By performing website optimization with SEO, the traffic and time users stay on the website will increase. Accordingly, Google will appreciate the reputation of that website and the ranking ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

The most standard color scheme when designing a professional website

When starting to design a website, the first priority is to perfect the color palette for the website and mix them so that they are harmonious, but no less outstanding. Color plays an important role in how customers perceive and have an impression of a good website and of that brand. Therefore, it can completely affect how we perceive a website. You can consult existing websites and research competitors. Viet SEO website template would like to share with you the color schemes when designing a professional website as below. The main colors often used when designing websites The role of color psychology in Marketing is one of the factors that play an important role. Here are the most important basics you need to know about color and its psychological impact. Red: speed, energy and passion. Red is often used for restaurant and takeout applications — making you want to eat quickly, such as KFC, Loship, etc. Orange: optimism and happiness. Orange is widely considered a “fun” color, and using it in your web design is a great way to show that you don't take yourself too seriously. Yellow: warm, inviting, positivity, is a great website color to use for service industries — you're welcome to help! Green: nature and health, is the perfect choice for color scheme when designing for a healthy brand, conveying friendliness and sustainability with the environment. Blue: Blue evokes a sense of trust, making it a favorite among website ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Ways to improve your website design

Do you ever edit your website to improve quality? Do you know how to start editing, improving web quality? If your answer to both of the questions I just asked is no then you might want to take a look at my post In this article I will give you 10 ways to improve your website. mine. I'll show you where you should focus your efforts to make the biggest, fastest change to your site's performance. What is Website Optimization? Before giving the top 10 ways to optimize your website, let's clarify what optimization is and why it's important. Website optimization is not only about improving the search engine, appearance or ranking of the website, but it is about improving the experience of each user every time they visit. A good user experience will lead to a noticeable improvement for the website. This improvement includes everything from search engine improvements to web usability testing, and should be done on a regular basis to ensure your site always works fine. What do you need to be able to make website improvements? Unless you plan to hire a team to improve your website (which I encourage of course, it's safer and more efficient to leave the work to professionals anyway), otherwise you will It takes some skills and tools to do it. These are the conditions that you or anyone who wants to do website improvement work should keep in mind:      Your website can use FTP.      Admin access to ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Principles of website design mobile version

Definition of mobile version website Website mobile version is a website designed specifically to run on different browsers of smart mobile devices such as phones, tablets... It still has the task of supporting businesses in brand development. , promote business, reach more potential customers. The speed of surfing the mobile version is more advantageous because the content and functions have been optimized. Banners, images, popups are also reduced to meet all configurations of mobile devices when customers visit. The download capacity of the mobile version of the website is smaller, taking up less bandwidth, so the page load speed is faster, visitors do not have to wait and feel uncomfortable when using the website to find information. Full of basic functions to serve sales such as product information search, service, ordering function, evaluation, basic payment ... Improve website rankings on search rankings: according to new Google algorithms, if the website does not support the mobile version, the web ranking will be reduced. The ranking of websites with a mobile interface will improve compared to competitors, attract more customers, support SEO well, avoid waste as well as Google's punishment. If you have not yet equipped your business or organized a website with a mobile version, consider immediately to promote your business plan. Website design mobile version, also known as Responsive Website. Currently, it is a top priority when making Web ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Why is responsive website important?

With an increasing number of Internet users, businesses need to invest in developing responsive websites to improve user experience. According to the latest report of Hootsuite and We Are Social, as of January 2019, Vietnam has more than 64 million Internet users across multiple device platforms (smartphone, tablet, laptop, ipad…) and this number has trend will continue to increase sharply in the coming years. The variety of access devices will of course require different display mechanisms and website layouts. Therefore, responsive website design is really necessary for businesses and organizations that are using websites as a tool to promote and do business. So what is a responsive website, how does it work and what benefits does it bring to websites? Let's find out with Viet SEO through the following article! What is a responsive website? Responsive web design (RWD) is simply understood as a style of website design so that the layout of the website has the ability to change and automatically respond to user behavior and the display environment. The environment here is the size of the browser, the size or orientation of the device. RWD helps your website to have a compatible interface on all electronic devices. A beautiful website on a computer, but when viewed on a mobile phone, the layout is messy, the images and articles are not balanced, it cannot be called a responsive web. Why is responsive website important? If you are thinking of ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

Instructions on how to do business in domain names to earn billions in Vietnam

Domain name business is an extremely attractive field, but to be successful is not a simple matter at all. This work is high risk with low success rate because the difference in perception, vision as well as needs of each person is different. The following article, we will introduce to you some ways to start making money from domain names to quickly get the most success! Establish a valuable domain business portfolio It will take users months or years to build a high-quality domain name business portfolio. If you want to limit the risks when investing a large fee in hundreds of domains in the same field, you must know which domain groups will develop in the future. If you are a professional domain name trader, the least you need to know is to take advantage of the opportunity to use the COUPON code of the registrars to be able to buy many domain names at the cheapest price. Some business people will first look up domain information to choose to buy domains in some potential and valuable areas and then sit idle to wait for the domain name to increase in price. Others want to develop websites, blogs and make money from affiliate programs, advertising, affiliate marketing, park domain names. Using the right domain name is the most effective first step to making money. Domain groups you should be interested in Here are the domain groups that users need to pay attention to when using domain names: 1. Domain name address This domain represents the ...

16/02/2023 byvietseo

What is an e-commerce website and its benefits for businesses

In the digital era, owning an e-commerce website is one of the prerequisites for increasing sales and business development. You are looking to build a professional e-commerce website but are wondering because you do not have much knowledge about this field? You can rest assured because it's not just you who are feeling confused, there are many people who feel the same way as you. And this article will give you the most complete and clear information about this type of website. Together with Viet SEO. I. What is an e-commerce website? First, we will help you understand the concept of “What is an e-commerce website?” According to the regulations of the State of Vietnam, in Clause 8, Article 3 of Decree 52/2013/ND-CP on e-commerce, the above concept is clearly defined as follows: Sales e-commerce websites are websites set up by traders, organizations and individuals themselves to serve their trade promotion activities, goods sale or service provision. You can understand simply as follows: “E-commerce websites are websites created by businesses for the purpose of only introducing and selling products of that company, not for other merchants to sell on the website. your website”. A professional sales website and creates the credibility of customers, that website must have the blue confirmation logo of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. That is, businesses creating this website need to notify the Ministry of Industry and Trade to ...

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