Should choose for SEO or Google Adwords ad campaign?

11/08/2022 15:33

When you want to find a way for your website Online Marketing, you will have two concepts that are SEO and Google Adwords. And after learning a thing that you have to wonder is SEO or Google Adwords should choose for your ad campaign for the most reasonable.

You can search on the internet a lot about this article. Some people will advise you to choose the SEO, there are also people who will encourage you to choose Google Adwords. But we would not recommend that you select forms. In this article we will analyze shows you when to SEO and Adwords when to let you understand and logical choice for an ad campaign for your website effectively.

Why we do not recommend you to choose 1 of 2 in two forms this ad?

Since every website, every business has one type of business, each customer has a product, price per keyword SEO and Adwords are also different, so how everyone can use the same form of the same torch.

An example you see: If your business website with the keyword "Hanoi Tet gifts in 2015", why you can spend a ton of money just to hire seo services that keyword on top after 1-2 months it does not need maintenance. Moreover is not to mention that keyword case is not on the top right time festival.

If your business website with the keyword "SEO Services" then even your website, you are not to be top but to use Google Adwords advertising service so how customers can be assured and un put your money for Seo website, hoping to bring their websites into the top fastest.

So when needed and when needed SEO Google Adwords.

It is only the new issues that concern you. Each website has a different kind of business should also require the various Online Marketing strategy. So for your website need SEO or need to Adwords, you need to identify a number of factors including:

1. Activities of the Website:

These are very important factors to choose a suitable form of advertising possible.

As the example above "Hanoi Tet gifts in 2015" is considered seasonal keywords, and it's just right up the holiday, while in other time periods, we do not need. Then why do we have to choose SEO for time consuming and costly for it, but not sure if it was located in the top 1 of google, but whether it is located at the top 1, it remains below 3 websites choose ad size.

2. Difficulty of keywords:

For those keywords with high competition as Travel, furniture, hotel reservations ... then making up the top 10 google sites a story is not easy and is not an overnight can be top is that it takes a lot of time, you can choose the solution in this situation is to use Adwords keyword pending her up top. While they can increase revenue, the moderate increase traffic to your website and help from the top lock up more quickly.

3. Age of the Website:

The age of the website is the time that the site is in operation. If your website is new construction and has come into operation, the amount of visitors to quite it, seems to be no, then the best solution is that you should choose Google Adwords to advertise your website more traffic access, which makes google understand that although your website is new, but it is useful for the user. After a while you can carry out SEO for your website.

Your site also has put into operation a long and steady traffic every day, and the keyword is not too difficult, you may not need to Adwords anymore.

Some notes for Choosing SEO or Adwords for your ad campaign:

Whatever you choose SEO or Google Adwords, the important thing is not how many customers put on your site that it should concern here is that when you have clients to keep them coming back or not and turn them into potential customer or not. So you should pay attention to some problems after want to promote your website?

+ Build-looking user-friendly interface.

+ Rich content, avoid boredom.

+ Should your site optimized before selecting ad campaign

+ Create a rich new content related to the product

SEO or Google Adwords is selected depending on your website but experience implementing ads on Vietnam SEO clients, the majority of customers to choose the combination of the two forms of advertising.