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24/05/2021 by vietseo

Free Microsoft phones for employees

 Approximately 90,000 people work for the world's No. 1 software will be used phone running Windows Phone 7. It is said to be part of a campaign to prevent people from using the Apple iPhone.   "Smartphone running Windows Phone 7 will be distributed to each employee when the product is on the market," a senior official of Pocket-lint sheets Microsoft said. The action of giant software company is quite similar to what Apple did in 2007. All employees working for "apple" in the first year will be used iPhone for free.   Microsoft is putting ...

25/05/2021 by vietseo

Cloud computing market will reach $ 149 billion ...

 Market research firm Gartner (US) believe that the market for cloud computing will grow 16% in 2010 and continued forward momentum in the coming years. Gartner estimates that cloud services (Cloud Computing) on ​​the global market will reach 68.3 billion, an increase of 16.6% compared with 58.6 billion in 2009. The growth trend will continue performance, market 2014 will bring $ 149 billion.   Cloud computing continues to be many business applications. "We are witnessing an explosion of cloud computing and its services in the enterprise as well as the supplier ...

25/05/2021 by vietseo

Find Microsoft Office proficient students take ...

 Department of Testing and Quality Education (Ministry of Education) will coordinate with IIG Vietnam contest "Microsoft Office World Champion 2010" in Vietnam. This is a contest of skills using Microsoft Office applications is held annually in the world. This year, for the first time this competition was held in Vietnam in order to select the best candidates to represent Vietnam to attend the finals in the US in August next.   Microsoft Headquarters (Photo: Reuters) Participants were students of universities and colleges in the country, aged no more than 22 ...

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