Steps to SEO content writing as standard

10/10/2021 16:06

What is standard SEO article like?

      Naturally written, don't repeat a keyword too many times.

     The main keywords are well explained.

     The main keyword should appear 3 times, respectively in the first part of the article, the middle paragraph and 1 time at the end of the article.

     Important keywords must be placed on the H tag and the description of the image in the post.

    The post title is placed in the H1 tag.

     The title & meta description tag must contain both important and secondary keywords, called modifiers for it but still friendly for search queries.

     The key keywords can include H2, H3 tags, bold, italic, underlined (about 3 positions / 1 article)

     Attach internal links to the posts if possible.

After writing the article, you should ask yourself a few more questions to be able to optimize the article better. Some questions like these you need to answer every time you write an article:

    Is the article structure easy to understand? Is there a need to revise the structure so that readers can easily grasp the content?

    Does my article have videos or photos? If not, would it be useful and more interesting to insert photos or videos into the post?

    Has the article made full use of primary and secondary keywords?

    Read the article carefully to see if there are any misspellings, mistakes, or mistakes in expression?

Above are some basic ideas for you to refer and write your website SEO standard articles.

SEO is a standard article like?

1. To write naturally, without repeating a keyword too many times.
2. The most important keywords should always be "mix" into the keyword related accessories. Example: Install WordPress and WordPress blog Set
3. The key phrase should appear in the first part 1 of the article, 2 times in the middle and one at the end of times.
4. The key phrase must be posted to the

5. Meta description should contain important keywords and secondary keywords, called modifiers for it but still friendly to the search query.
6. Post subject always in h1 tags.
7. The important keywords should put up heading tags (h2, h3 in the article) and bold when necessary, avoid italics and underlined. Also avoid bold type 1 tag multiple times.
8. Internal Linking should lead to other articles with appropriate anchor text and internal links that each should have a title tag.
9. And most importantly, is to select and use the best keywords possible, this is the crux of the problem.

Write SEO content

6 Steps standard writing SEO

Step 1 - Select a theme fascinating article and optimal

Step 2 - Research the keywords (Keyword Research): Choose from a lot of people looking.

How to find more ideas on Google Adword keyword set Keyword Tools

Step 3 - Go to the article structure

Step 4 - Make sure you have "spread" all the keywords in the article

After writing articles, you should ask ourselves some questions that we could optimize better article. Some questions like this you need to answer when writing a post:

Structure that article easy to understand? There is need to revise the structure so that the reader can easily grasp the content or not?
Post your video or photo has not? If not, it will be useful and interesting to add photos or videos to post or not?
This article gives readers valuable or not? Sure many people will like it and go share it or not?
The article uses the full range of secondary keywords that you have found in step 2 yet?
Read the article again, no place misspellings, wrong question owl or silly mistakes that do not express?
Take a look at the competition, whether you occupy a high position after posting this article 2, 3 days? There needs to tweak again?

If you can answer these questions well, you will have an answer whether to click Publish to post this or not. I wish you success, even myself, I just finished an article SEO and its standard will post this on the blog, it's all you've finished reading.

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