The advantages of website design in PHP

11/08/2022 15:31

Here are some advantages when you design a website with PHP programming language.

1. Open source
- Perhaps many of you also know PHP is an open source product (Open-source) so installing and customizing PHP is free and free.
Because of the advantage of open source, PHP can be installed on most popular Web Servers today such as Apache, IIS ...

2. The community of PHP
- As an open source language with the popularity of PHP, the PHP community is considered to be quite large and has quality.
- With a large development community, updating current version patches as well as testing new versions makes PHP very flexible in improving itself.
- Community support, sharing experiences of PHP is also very rich. With so many forums, domestic and international blogs talking about PHP has shortened the learning process of PHP learners.

Code web by php

3. Libraries are rich
- In addition to community support, PHP script library is also very rich and diverse. From very small things like just a piece of code, a function ( ...) to bigger ones like Framework (Zend, CakePHP, CogeIgniter, Symfony ...), complete application (Joomla, WordPress, PhpBB ... )
- With the rich code library, learning and applying PHP becomes very easy and fast. This is also the feature that makes PHP quite stand out and is also the reason why more and more people are using PHP for web development.

4. Support connecting multiple database systems
- The need to build a website using a database is an indispensable need and PHP also meets this need very well. With the integration of many Database Clients in PHP, the PHP application easily connects to popular database systems.
- Updating and upgrading Database Clients is simply the replacement of PHP extensions to match the database system that PHP will work with.
- Some common database systems that PHP can work with are: MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Cassandra ...

5. Object oriented programming
- Today, the concept of object oriented programming (OOP) is no longer unfamiliar to programmers. With the capabilities and benefits of this programming model, many languages ​​have been deployed to support OOP.
- Since PHP version 5, PHP has been able to support most of the outstanding features of object oriented programming such as Inheritance, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Interface, Autoload ...
- With more and more PHP frameworks and applications written in the OOP model, programmers can access and extend these applications easily and quickly.

6. Confidentiality
- PHP itself is the source code and the development community is very active, so it can be said that PHP is quite safe.
PHP also provides many mechanisms that allow you to implement security for your application such as sessions, data filter functions, casting techniques, and PDO (PHP Data Object) libraries to interact with the database. whether more secure.
- Combined with security techniques in other layers, the PHP application will become more reliable and secure the website.

7. Extensibility for PHP
- By building on C language and being open source, the ability to expand PHP application is limitless.
- With its rich library and large scalability, PHP applications can interact with most popular types of applications such as image processing, data compression, encryption, PDF file manipulation, Office, Email , Streaming ...
- You can completely build your own Extensions to optimize, add functions to PHP as well as optimize PHP's Core to serve the purposes of expanding your website.

8 . Strong
- The next reason why you should choose PHP is stability. You can see this through PHP's uptime which is obviously a lot better. Moreover, PHP's updated time is about every 6 weeks, quite often. This causes the PHP language to experience fewer errors, improving stability.

Most of the major websites today use the PHP & Mysql programming language. So you should weigh best before choosing PHP or ASPX.