How to increase website traffic effectively

16/02/2023 18:25

Owning a website, what do you like the most? Is…

- Increase traffic for your website
- Stable business, low cost, high profit and strong growth
- Be known by more customers…

However… not every business person knows how to achieve that desire. Even if you own a website, but do not know how to increase traffic to your website, you miss the opportunity to reach more than 64 million Internet users in Vietnam and cannot turn a part of them into potential customers.

In this article, HueVibe will present the solution to these problems:

  • Why is it important to increase website traffic?
  • What is quality traffic and why is it required?
  • 17 free and paid ways to increase traffic to your website.

Let's get started!

I. Why does the website need more people to know?

Some businesses wonder why increasing traffic should be a priority in the first place, not just the website.

In today's world, even for a traditional business, a website is a must. At least because potential customers may be more familiar with your business.

But in the end, the goal of creating a website is to attract many potential customers and then convert them into customers.

As a business website, traffic is both an important indicator of a quality website and a driving force for business development. It can help you:

  1. See how effective marketing activities are
  2. Collect detailed customer information
  3. Improve SEO – search engine optimization
  4. Generate more leads, increase conversion rates and get more customers

But achieving these benefits requires increasing website traffic properly and focusing on quality traffic. This is exactly why this article covers strategies that impact your bottom line.

You should first understand through Free Traffic and Quality Traffic

Free Traffic is the visits to the website in a free way on search engines or social networks

Through ways to put your website on the top of google will pull more traffic for the web.

But not every visit is enough, you should also care about traffic quality. That is what determines the quality of the website.

The promotion of quality traffic is necessary. Some popular ways to increase website traffic:

  • Optimizing website with Google search engine (SEO)
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Online advertising
  • Content marketing

And in the next section, Huevibe will go into more depth and detail the most effective and reliable ways to attract website visitors.

Increase website traffic

II. Free ways to increase traffic from Google

1. Optimize your business profile on Google

Did you know that creating a business profile on Google and optimizing it will get 17 times more visits than businesses without a full profile.

Don't forget to link back to your website, this is also a great way to get more organic traffic to your website.

2. Benefits from adding business profile:

– Completely free and easy to install

– Allows to display searches related to business information and locations

– Increase brand visibility across platforms that users use to make purchases

- Create opportunities for customers to evaluate

3. In addition, Google My Business (GBM) can also:

– Increase local brand awareness

– Reach potential customers visually to create the truest sense of your business. See images of your store, services and products on the internet. Know the uptime, the latest updates about your business.

– Simple and convenient interaction with customers right at GMB through leaving a message

And there are many more benefits when you create Google My Business, especially if you are and will be doing Local SEO.

4. SEO Optimization – Google Search Engine

There are many SEO tactics that can be applied to each website to increase rankings and attract more viewers. The way to optimize SEO takes a lot of time, but it's free and effective. It involves a lot of work but a prerequisite is to build quality content. Then it is necessary to perform additional operations such as:

– Optimizing keywords for SEO titles.

– Put the core keyword, the focus in the title of the article

– Add keywords to the name, alt tag of the image so that search engines know their content

– Make sure URLs are SEO friendly

- Add Meta Description tag containing the main keyword

- Know how to seo google map to the top

Basically, SEO helps your website get to the first page of Google quickly, plus a title that stimulates users will create more opportunities for them to click on your URL.

Building backlinks – Off-page optimization to increase website traffic

5. Backlink is your website link to other websites. Quality backlinks not only expose your business to more people, but also increase quality traffic.

Besides, Google also collects data about these backlinks. Once many reputable websites point to your website, Google will understand that the website you own is really reputable.

As a result, the website has a chance to be on the first page of Google.

6. Posting on social media

Social media is one of the most popular free marketing tools available today. And more than that, it plays an important role in driving website traffic.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to post and advertise your articles and product pages. This way, you can turn social media users into website visitors.

5. Add Hashtags on Posts

Use # to tag multiple hashtags on product posts or informational articles to expand reach to users more easily. The more "eyes" a link has, the more free traffic it gets to the site.

When you tag hashtags with relevant topics, users can query that content by searching for them on social media platforms. With just one click on the hashtag, a list of content with the same hashtag will be returned. This means that informational articles on the website with hashtags are also displayed, easily enticing visitors to visit.

6. Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are another free source of website traffic. These are special pages, dedicated to offers like redeeming discount codes, free download instructions, or specific product promotions. The landing page contains the detailed information needed by the user to drive them to convert to action.

7. Use long-tail keywords to increase traffic

Although short keywords have a high search volume, relying on them to get a website to rank high will be more difficult. In contrast, long-tail keywords and specific queries are ways to get your website to the top of Google faster. That means website visits also increase.

In addition, as the voice search engine grows, users tend to use long-tail keywords to search more clearly.

For example:

Do not use the keyword "Hue tourism" because this is a highly competitive keyword. It is almost impossible for new websites to use this keyword to increase rankings and increase website traffic because it is clearly impossible to beat the competition.

Instead, use long-tail keywords like "Hue tourism 2 days 1 night self-sufficient". Detailed keywords like these usually have little competition and low volume. But that doesn't mean these keywords are ineffective, on the contrary, it clearly analyzes the needs of the user and narrows the search scope to hit the target customer. When customers search, the website content containing this keyword will show up, and the traffic will increase.

8. Make use of Guest Blog

A guest post is a post to a website that comes from someone else, be it customers or experts, industry influencers. Alternatively, you can also ask them to mention your business in their own posts or interviews. To help build the content, author, link, brand… that you want to convey.

Why does guest blogging drive traffic to the web? For example, Wikipedia is the largest information website today. Most people when looking for information will click on it first. And if your website link is selected by Wiki and attached to the article. When the user learns, they click on it, and you've earned a visit. From trusting Wiki, your website also becomes more trustworthy.

9. Join online forums

You are free to be active on forums or groups related to your industry. Comment on blogs, social media posts, answer member questions, and participate in conversations.

The more interactive you are, the more likely you are to show up in online forums, attracting people to visit your profile. Of course, profiles on social networks must include a link to the business website.

First, find the community your potential customers are in and figure out how to join it. Are those communities Tinhte or Webtretho? Or do they use Facebook and participate in buying and selling groups, exchange groups, discussion groups...?

Analyze customer insights, thereby identifying forums that customers can join. Then participate in discussions and provide valuable information. But avoid putting the url in the comment section because it can cause spam and not be appreciated by Google. Or repeated product promotion actions will make the target audience uncomfortable.

Additionally, you can build relationships with industry experts through these forums. Thereby attracting traffic to your website.

For example: Pinterest – the global social network for images.

If the business model is personal consumption (B2C). Regularly posting or replacing product images and creating boards (themed boards) on Pinterest will help you increase traffic.

In fact, statistics show that Pinterest increases traffic to websites that buy and sell products by 33% more than Facebook. Similar to other social media platforms, you need to take care of it by posting regularly.

10. Use Email Marketing

Regularly sending newsletters and promotions through your customer email file is a great way to stay in touch with them. Also remind them of the existence of the business. Make sure to provide useful information and link between pages in a reasonable way so that visitors can learn more, stay longer on the website.

Nowadays, for the convenience of working, everyone has an email account for themselves. By checking email, they can easily see new post updates, offers from your business.

Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the subject of the email. This greatly affects whether the user opens the email or not. If the email is never opened, that means they won't be able to click on the link to your website, and you won't get any traffic. any access from the user.

11. Create a Youtube channel

When using Google search, you may see a few nominated videos. Usually YouTube videos because up to 88% of the videos on the search results page come from Youtube. So this video platform is a gold mine to mine traffic for your website

One way to increase website traffic from this source is in the video content, you insert a small paragraph to tell viewers to visit the website and explain the benefits they will get. For example, use the saying “Check out for how to write faster” — or put a call-to-action text under the video description with a website link.

Increase paid website visits

III. Increase paid website visits

1. Google Ads increases website traffic

You will have to pay for Google to put your website in a "beautiful" position on the search results page. When entering query keywords, Google will review and sort impressions based on bid level and keyword relevance.

When your website is in the first position, the customer visits more. On the other hand, Google only charges when someone clicks on the ad, not the impression.

2. Google Maps Ads

From Google Ads, you also have the option to have your business show up first on Google Maps. Advertising on Google Maps is an effective way to attract local customers. Make it easy for people to find your location.

And more paid methods…

3. Increase traffic through social media advertising

With search ads, you pay to be shown in the first position on the search results page. Meanwhile, with social media advertising, you have to pay to display information related to your business.

4. Display Advertising Display Advertising

Display advertising is a form of online advertising, in which businesses convey their messages to target customers through display billboards. It can be an image or text with a brand name attached.

Attracting visitors to the website is always an issue that any business is interested in. But whichever way you choose, you also need to prioritize quality traffic, wait and constantly improve the website. Good luck!

5. Advertise the website through offline sessions

– Sponsor events on behalf of the company

In addition to online forums, offline meetings are also a place for businesses to promote their brand and assert their role. Because events are always a gathering place for industry influencers along with many others with a common purpose and direction.

Therefore, through sponsoring these events, the brand logo is exposed to the media, attracting a lot of attention. But how will they care? Of course, find information about your business through search engines like Google, and organic traffic is sure to increase.

– Advertising at the conference

Once you have the opportunity to speak at a conference with a business-related topic, don't miss it. Speaking and promoting the business will go hand in hand. In addition, you can also network and showcase your business to industry leaders.

6. Influencer Marketing

The social networking platform is constantly changing to constantly provide the right consumer needs. And one of the factors that influence the buying behavior and perception of consumers is influencers.

Customers will rely on these people to find their consumable products. Most influencers are experts or celebrities, so the results achieved through advertising on this channel are also positive if you know how to do it properly.

Just choose an influencer to work with, contact them and discuss whether they accept to advertise your products. If so, you can create your own ad content and give it to them to promote, including a website link in their post. You will quickly increase traffic to your website thanks to these people.