Top 10 Website Design software is the highest rating in 2015

11/08/2022 15:34

You want to manually design Web sites, Blogs, ... according to their own style but not the selected software Web design is appropriate and easy to use. Based on the number of users voted Website prestigious technology has announced the Top 10 Website Design software is the highest rating in 2015.

Top 10 Website Design software is the highest rating in 2015

1. WebEasy Professional

Web Easy Professional is a dedicated software support users to create and design web pages. The program provides useful guidance in every step should be taken to the user can build a simple website. The application supports drag and drop to add object very convenient.

Web Easy Professional utility is available a lot of templates for users to choose website. You are provided with the ability to edit and preview the template until really pleasant new conduct applicable to its website.

Download WebEasy Professional

2. Homestead

Homestead brings design tools online website, with this website you can make yourself different sites as web sales and web news with providing beautiful web templates and tools that facilitate Ultra-fast web design without knowing programming

Download Homestead

Top 10 web design softwares

3. Web Studio

Web Studio gives you the ability to design and create web pages, with software you have all the tools to create a complete website as buttons, wallpaper, color schemes and graphics images, external Also you can learn more about HTML knowledge to use the software

Download Web Studio

4. WebAcappella

WebAcappella as software design, create and edit web pages easily with the software you can design your own unique web page without having to know programming languages, you can add photo albums, menus, the nodes in the web and the frame, in addition, you can export the site at any time to see the fruits of their

Download WebAcappella

5 WebPlus

WebPlus provides tools to design a complete web site by adding the image objects, sound, with this software you can do web design without having to worry not mastered the language programming that maintains a professional website

Download WebPlus

6. Xara Web Designer Premium

Xara Web Designer Premium gives you the tools to help design a simple website and the most professional, the software provides the spectacular Template is available for your choice and the ability to insert images and high quality sound, capable automatically adjust the size allows more perfect web

Download Xara Web Designer Premium

7. Yola Silver

Yola Silver provides the ability to design with multiple web online tool allows you to create websites without the support of the source, with hundreds of website templates to choose from, Yola Silver is the top choice for creating professional websites, but free

Download Yola Silver

8. EZGenerator

EZGenerator provide professional solutions to build and design websites. The program supports the construction system and the system webiste offline content management online. Users can use the software to create offline structure of a website offline, add pages, blogs and many other features and then uploaded to edit online.

EZGenerator supports announced products designed website users via FTP or SFTP account. The program offers modern features such as Calendars, e-Commerce, Google services, Slideshows ... Users can test the site on a computer folder before making the application

Download EZGenerator

9. Web Creator Pro

Web Creator Pro provides a professional environment for website design by adding animation, sound, editing html and javascript code to create graphics, web buttons, in addition to the software also includes many templates nice to choose

Download Web Creator Pro

10. SiteSpinner

SiteSpinner provides website design solutions simple and basic as possible. Users need not have knowledge of HTML depth and can move all objects required by the program launched by dragging. The program integrates image editing tools so you do not need software or a third party.

Applications SiteSpinner allows custom details like the color pages of links, titles, and background. Users can create shapes such as rectangles, circles, polygons ... and change their size easily. Integrated FTP tool allows website hosting and automatic upload of user images.

Download SiteSpinner

Above we have shared to you the top 10 web design software is the highest rating in 2015 gives users the best choice to design the most beautiful sites, unique, ...