Vietnam E-Commerce boom thanks to mobile

07/10/2021 14:14

The use of smart phones has significantly increased the universal speed Internet, wireless services and change business practices in Vietnam.

In a recent article, the Wall Street Journal said the world needs to learn Vietnam in making millions of people in the era of digitization, bypass mode fixed network connection.

This newspaper leads statistics show that for every three people in Vietnam, one is using smartphones, devices contribute to the growing popularity of Internet speed by 44%, from 12% ago a decade. These are factors that contribute to mass growing online services, particularly e-commerce on mobile platforms. Vietnam Government expects ecommerce market will have $ 4 billion in revenue this year compared with $ 700 million in 2012.

Vietnam is one of the market growth rate of e-commerce users have the world's highest.

Every day, the uniformed personnel of the company attractive ecommerce motorcycles weaving run on the streets of Vietnam to deliver all kinds of items from women's shoes, men's clothing to kitchen appliances. Many items were delivered to the office, where the staff take advantage of free time to place an order directly on smartphones from sites like Lazada or Hotdeal. Just a few years ago, this method very difficult business development by fixed network services is time-consuming and difficult to install in outlying areas.

Government of Vietnam said the cheapest 3G tariff subject in the world, just over 3 USD / GB. 3G is also near the government nationwide. According to a poll by Nielsen shows that Vietnam movie on mobile crushing world. We Are Social agency calculates social network account number is used frequently on mobile in Vietnam 1/2015 as of June increased 41% over the same period last year, faster than China, India and Brazil.

As of the first quarter / 2015, with 30 million people use Facebook regularly, up from 8.5 million in 2012, making Vietnam become one of the fastest growing market of social networking. Some ministers also opened personal Facebook page to reach more convenience of people.

Users of mobile devices are often interested in the short and easy video sharing. This habit is a factor making music entertainment firms like Yan change to adapt. In recent years, Yan has made TV programs broadcast on the cable network to around 5 million households, cafes and bars in the city. The company also manages artists and organizes music programs and events. In addition, the company also found the video interview celebrities on the Internet before on television and organize a program for adolescents on the YouTube page.

Share with Wall Street Journal, the Director Yan said changing the method more appropriate to present the platforms, especially mobile, are the main focus of the company. As founder Jonny Vo confirmed "everything possible" to the mobile boom

Although the Internet makes the development of competition becomes more intense glance, it also creates new heroes. For example, the farmer Nguyen Duc Hau, whose nickname Le Roi, became famous as TV actor through the clips on YouTube or Vlogger JVEvermind with 1.5 million people watched on YouTube by connecting their videos through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

According to Media Partners Asia forecasts, total advertising revenue in Vietnam will reach $ 1.2 billion in 2017, almost double compared to a few years ago.