What is SEO? Why should your company do SEO?

11/08/2022 15:34

When reading this article you may have heard somewhere it comes to top Google search, and Google also not surprising, because there are days that you do not search for something through one search engine No.1 this world. There are many advantages of SEO website to top search can convince marketers or business owners the most discerning

Currently, SEO is no longer a new thing too. If some time ago, many people still do not know what is SEO? or Why do SEO and so on. Then the current trend "of people who do SEO, the home learn SEO" has shown that SEO is a field quite "hot" in the IT world and the people who work free .

However, many people are beginning to learn about SEO and SEO research in Vietnam did not really grasp the basic knowledge of SEO. If you do not understand what SEO is, then how could there be better able to perform SEO?

First apply a presentation on what is SEO? SEO stands for the first 3 letters of each word clustered from "Search Engine Optimization". Translated into Vietnamese SEO means "search engine optimization".

"Search engine optimization (SEO)" means the work, methods of website optimization for search engines to help your website to know the most, to collect information from your website easily and fully most enough.

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to make your web site appear on pages 1-2 of the results of the Search Engine placement in natural search. You need to distinguish ad slots above (full display 3 results), below (may show 1-3 results) and right often have the "Ads" and other colors with you value the natural search results of 10 results in the middle of the website (displaying video, images and web results alone)
What is SEO?
Why do SEO?

According to statistics, there are more than 90% of internet users use search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc ... Every day there are more than 30 million people in Vietnam use the search engine to find information, products and services they need. But with hundreds of millions or even billions of websites on the internet, how customers can find your website without having competitors websites? Because most customers are to a website through search engines, so if your site has low rating means that you have lost a large amount of potential customers into the hands of competitors avoid.

No users have the patience see results up to 3 pages (each page displays 10 results) after performing a search on a search engine. If your business website is not ranked in the top 30, customers will not know your website exists. In effect, 80% of web users view only the first page of search results. So, if your site enters the top10 of the search results, the opportunity for our visitors is huge. Search engine optimization (Search engine optimization = SEO) is the solution to this problem. SEO includes techniques to help websites achieve high rankings on the search engines. Our SEO techniques will ensure your website on top for many keywords related to the services that you want to offer to customers.

Benefits of SEO:

SEO provides customers with high demand: only the potential customers is high, take the time to learn new information about related products and services. Thus, visitors from the search engines is the most potential customers, have the opportunity to purchase very high.

Measuring SEO Easy Google analytics tool - A free service of corporations leading search Google - helps you track in detail the number of customers who visited your website from search naturally, from advertising or from other sources. Also tools said customers on any page and they stay how long the page, or click to exit them to another page ...

Low cost SEO: When performing ads, the cost per clicks, if your keyword selection is the key word search are many people it will be very costly if your budget is not limited. For SEO keywords into the top unrestricted customers click on the search results, how to users in many of the better SEO results but the cost has not changed compared to before signing a contract.

Some considerations for businesses when doing SEO:

DIY SEO: SEO When do you have to be sure that I had a lot of experience in this field, otherwise your site will forever no chance of achieving high ranking in Google search results. The selection of one simple website structure mobile friendly is important, the content on the website is the content you write yourself to avoid being penalized for duplicate content or take copies. Especially avoid forms of black hat SEO: place hidden links, hidden or identical set the background color of text, keyword spam repeated several times in the article are not necessary, backlink spamming on forums, websites directory Charisma is not rampant ...

Hiring SEO services: Selection of companies with many years of experience in the SEO industry and major brands. The selection of new companies founded or less experience will get very cheap price, they will discount as possible to sign the contract but the quality of the service could be a problem for you to regret later . If one company acting as SEO without impact to your website or support you edited articles will have to stay away ...