Should you use SEO services or Google Ads?

Although they are both displayed on Google search results, there are still differences between SEO and Google Ads, completely different ways of working. So should choose SEO or Google Ads: Which form of promotion is better? Below are the shares of Viet SEO on this issue.

What is SEO and what is Google Ads?

Before deciding to choose one of these two forms of advertising on Google, you should master some of the following concepts:

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimizes the level of search or optimizes the website for Google. This can be understood as a problem of how to optimize the ability of users to find a website using Google.

It can be understood simply that SEO is a collection of methods to improve the ranking of a website in the returned list of Google, by doing this, users can easily get that website at the top of the search results. search Google.

So what are the benefits of SEO?

  1. The cost of an online marketing campaign is quite cheap.
  2. Website is promoted to the right potential customers.
  3. Quick access to a large number of users.
  4. Most of the customers have completely trusted Google, and also trust the website that Google ranks.
  5. It will not be suitable for seasonal advertising because keywords will appear on Google slowly after about 1-3 months, maybe even 6 months.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a form of advertising that you will pay to help with impressions (CPM) or clicks (CPC). It is easier to understand that after installation, your ad will appear when users search for related terms, but only when the search user clicks on the ad and visits the website, the advertiser will just lost money.

  • Implement ads quickly or can stop ads at any time.
  • An advertiser can limit the appearance of an ad within a geographic area.
  • You only lose money when a customer clicks on an ad or visits your website.
  • You can easily determine the advertising budget by day, by month flexibly.
  • Corresponding to the search keywords are the advertising messages.
  • You can quickly change and customize advertising messages.

SEO better Google Ads

Comparison between SEO and Google Ads

1. Appearance

For websites running Adwords will be displayed in the first 4 positions and the last 3 positions of the search results page on Google. Below these 4 positions are 10 positions of websites doing SEO. You can also easily identify websites running ads with symbols like Qc or Ad.

With this display, the website running ads will reach the number of potential customers.

2. Time shows up on Google

The peculiarity of Adwords no matter what your website is like, once you pay, it will appear right on Google. Ads will be displayed quickly, but if you run out of money, your website will not be displayed immediately.

As for SEO, it is different, you need to push keywords to the Top, including content such as:

  • Good user experience
  • Highly rated by Google
  • Visibility on standard mobile devices
  • Completely quality content, do not copy
  • Regularly update new article content, optimize old articles
  • Get targeted by many sites and link to.

Doing SEO needs to follow a process of at least 3-6 months for the website to be on the Top. When stopping or not doing SEO anymore, the website will not be lost immediately, but it may gradually drop to the Top if a stronger competitor pushes you down. However, if you do good SEO, your website can still maintain and stand at the top even if you stop SEO.

3. About the cost issue

For Adwords will stop showing if the account runs out of money and the cost is calculated per click on the ad. If the user clicks on the website, you will be deducted 1 fee.

For SEO, the opposite is true, the number of keywords is the criterion to charge. If the keyword is on the Top, you need to pay the SEO person, the more clicks, the more profitable you are. At this point, your website will be rated well, which means more people to contact to buy.

4. Level of risk

For SEO and Adwords both contain certain risks. For Adwords, if the advertiser does not control all the links of the website, it will cost a lot.

As for SEO, the risk is for investors that you can't get a number of customers immediately, but have to wait about 3-6 months to optimize the website and maybe that keyword has not been to the top.

So should you choose SEO or Google Ads? Should both be used?

You do not need to make a choice to use only SEO or Adwords, you can carefully read the information that Mona shares below to be able to flexibly combine the two.

SEO is a job that needs to be long-term and continuous and is used in the long-term strategies of businesses.

Therefore, if businesses need to deploy some promotion urgently, they need to skillfully combine Adwords ads for short-term strategies. But if the budget of the business is limited and forced to choose, it should be based on the current strategic goals and make a decision.

There are many opinions that, if you get traffic from SEO, you don't need to use AdWords ads anymore. This is a wrong view, even if you are keeping the Top well, you also need to add Adwords to reach more customers for the same keyword.

You can completely measure the effectiveness of your Adwords campaigns, if it is profitable, you need to increase the budget for a higher campaign. What you need to do here is to follow Adwords closely to see the effectiveness and increase/decrease in costs.

SEO vs Google Ads: Should it be used for a new website?

The above question is of interest to many website owners. Many people often think that a new website should do Adwords because it is too new, not "mature" enough for Google to evaluate and doing SEO does not bring much effect and they wait after 3 months to do it. This is also something to keep in mind. However, there are some problems such as:

Most after designing websites because businesses often do not invest in SEO right away, it leads to website development that is not SEO standard, article content is not quality and has not been optimized ... leading to Google undervaluing the website. there.

When deciding to do SEO, it takes a lot of work to correct old mistakes and wait for Google to update new information and it will take a lot of time.   

Therefore, we advise new websites to do SEO to a certain extent so that the content and information are optimized right away. This will help push the top keywords much faster and next should run Adwords to create the first traffic to the website.

How to get effective from SEO and Google Ads?

There have been many cases of mistakes when using the homepage link to run Adwords ads or choosing generic keywords for SEO.

And the real thing is that Google users may click on your website link, but not all of them will contact you. After driving traffic from SEO and advertising tools, all you have left is to do the right marketing strategy to lead customers to create final conversions.

So for the best marketing, should you choose SEO or Google Ads?

The answer to the above question is to use both and both are very good for Marketing. Investing in Adwords will prevail for the initial step to get an immediate amount of traffic and along with this initial step, you also need to develop SEO. Because SEO is a long-term strategy, it gives you long-term sustainability and effectiveness.

Thus, SEO and Google Ads are not rivals, but both forms will complement each other and support each other towards the best marketing results. The above article has helped you answer the question of Should you choose SEO or Google Ads in detail. You need to clearly analyze the characteristics of your business, then come up with appropriate strategies to use or combine the use of both tools.

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