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Services of VIET SEO

Our company not only designs the web in accordance with your needs, but also ensures the artistic elements, complies with the SEO criteria. You will feel more secure when the website is always updated, maintained and promoted well.

Search engine optimization seo

Make sure your Google users find your website right in the first page of results! Usually, internet users need to buy a product or service, they will go to Google to find the suppliers of the products or services they need. The searcher can enter the name of the product or ...


Vietnam website design

With beautiful website design service and easy SEO Google, your website is not only eye-catching, fast-loading, meeting the needs of customers, user friendly but also friendly with Google, Yahoo, Bing (the popular search engines today) Make your site always high on search ...


Vietnam Google Ads services

 1. What is google adwords ads? Google adwords advertising service that Google Inc. exploitation and development based on the search engine Google and its affiliate network of websites. Google adwords advertising service is highly profitable for companies such as Google ...


Domain price list

Domain name registration and domain Vietnam prestigious international sustainability. Register domain names in Viet SEO right to receive many preferential policies.


Web hosting price list

With 7 years in the field of Web Hosting (web hosting service), Viet SEO is a hosting provider (server) with stable infrastructure in Vietnam. We offer the right solution for both large enterprises or small business individuals. Peace of mind about your data with a mechanism to ...


SSL Certificate (https)

SSL ensures that all data transmitted between web servers and browsers is seperate. SSL is a standard work used by quarterly websites in securing online transactions with customers.


Business email service ...

 - Vietnam SEO is the pioneer building email systems running on its own server fully supports the most complex requirements of the business. - Speed ​​- stable - continuous - Safety - Authentication SPF / DKIM / DomainKeys - Email Response large number of ...


Private email server

- Viet Seo is a pioneer in building an Email system running on its own Server to fully support the most complex requirements of businesses. - Private Email Server is an Email solution for companies that need: - The highest level of security and speed because Viet Seo sets up ...


Google email services

With G Suite, your business not only has a professional Gmail system under its own domain name, but also securely blocks spam, viruses with Drive, Chat, and meetings with Hangouts & video conferencing, working effectively with Doc. , Sheet, Slide, Form Get custom email (@ ...


SEO Audit Services

SEO Services Audit is one of the professional SEO service package that Vietnam SEO provider. SEO Audit is an essential stage and indispensable in most SEO projects website. Especially for large-scale SEO projects and needs a strategic, long-term stability plan.


Cloud VPS

Provides international standard VPS (virtual server), easy to expand. The best possible support is on server administration techniques. Data centralized storage on the SAN system. Virtual servers work consistently even when a physical server fails. Use and pay for demand. ...



The advantages of website design in PHP

Here are some advantages when you design a website with PHP programming language. 1. Open source - Perhaps many of you also know PHP is an open source product (Open-source) so installing and customizing PHP is free and free. Because of the advantage of open source, PHP can be installed on most popular Web Servers today such as Apache, IIS ... 2. The community of PHP - As an open source language with the popularity of PHP, the PHP community is considered to be quite large and has quality. - With a large development community, updating current version patches as well as testing new versions makes PHP very flexible in improving itself. - Community support, sharing experiences of PHP is also very rich. With so many forums, domestic and international blogs talking about PHP has shortened the learning process of PHP learners. 3. Libraries are rich - In addition to community support, PHP script library is also very rich and diverse. From very small things like just a piece of code, a function (PHP.net ...) to bigger ones like Framework (Zend, CakePHP, CogeIgniter, Symfony ...), complete application (Joomla, WordPress, PhpBB ... ) - With the rich code library, learning and applying PHP becomes very easy and fast. This is also the feature that makes PHP quite stand out and is also the reason why more and more people are using PHP for web development. 4. Support connecting multiple database systems - The need to build a website using a database is an indispensable need and PHP also meets this need very well. With the integration of many Database Clients in PHP, the PHP application easily connects to popular database systems. - Updating and upgrading Database Clients is simply the replacement of PHP extensions to match the database system that PHP will work with. - Some common database systems that PHP can work with are: MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Cassandra ... 5. Object oriented programming - Today, the concept of object oriented programming (OOP) is no longer unfamiliar to programmers. With the capabilities and benefits of this programming model, many languages ​​have been deployed to support OOP. - Since PHP version 5, PHP has been able to support most of the outstanding features of object oriented programming such as Inheritance, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Interface, Autoload ... - With more and more PHP frameworks and applications written in the OOP model, programmers can access and extend these applications easily and quickly. 6. Confidentiality - PHP itself is the source code and the development community is very active, so it can be said that PHP is quite safe. PHP also provides many mechanisms that allow you to implement security for your application such as sessions, data filter functions, casting techniques, and PDO (PHP Data Object) libraries to interact with the database. whether more secure. - Combined with security techniques in other layers, the PHP application will become more reliable and secure the website. 7. Extensibility for PHP - By building on C language and being open source, the ability to expand PHP application is limitless. - With its rich library and large scalability, PHP applications can interact with most popular types of applications such as image processing, data compression, encryption, PDF file manipulation, Office, Email , Streaming ... - You can completely build your own Extensions to optimize, add functions to PHP as well as optimize PHP's Core to serve the purposes of expanding your website. 8 . Strong - The next reason why you should choose PHP is stability. You can see this through PHP's uptime which is obviously a lot better. Moreover, PHP's updated time is about every 6 weeks, quite often. This causes the PHP language to experience fewer errors, improving stability. Most of the major websites today use the PHP & Mysql programming language. So you should weigh best before choosing PHP or ASPX.

Google website without software (index)

Causes Google does not index (index) your website Here are the main reasons why Google doesn't index your website. 1. Google has not found your website: In this case, it is usually for newly created websites that Google has not timely indexed. 2. Your website or page is blocked by robots.txt 3. Google crawl has a temporary error. 4. Website has too many duplicate content pages. 5. If you are web wordpress, you have opened the privacy function for the web. 6. Website is blocked by .htaccess file 7. Website of seller has meta tag NOINDEX 8. Your website has problems with AJAX / JavaScript (Google cannot load these components). 9. Your website loads infinitely. 10. Hosing your website is stopped 11. You are rejected from Google index (Deinedexed): Usually due to excessive SEO optimization. Your website is penalized by Google. * To test, you can save the web page as html and upload it to hosting to check each part of the web in Google Search Console.

Elements and works of offpage SEO | VIET SEO

What is Offpage SEO? Offpage SEO is a set of tips to optimize factors outside the website, including 3 important factors: 1. Link building 2. Marketing on social networks 3. Marketing by media (clips, images) Among all 3 factors is link building, social network marketing, media marketing, link building is the most important factor as well as the most influence on your website rankings in search engines, especially Google. What is quality backlink? The backlinks act as a vote for your website. The more quality votes you have, the more likely your site is to rank in search results. Quality backlink includes the following factors: 1. Backlink in the same field. 2. Quality backlink content: Must have few links out, don't spam keywords, have links to, content long enough (about 2,000 words, with images), ... 3. Age of the backlink: The longer the backlink is, the more valuable it is. What is building backlinks in a natural way? When building links you need to pay attention to the following factors: 1. Time to build backlinks is not too fast. 2. Do not build too many backlinks at the same time. 3. Limiting the number of backlinks to the website suddenly changed. Above are some basic ideas about SEO Offpage and especially link building strategy (link building).

Basic SEO Technique To Top Google

Basic SEO Technique to Top Perhaps the difficulties of those who start doing SEO is where to start, find out how, where and where the results are. Perhaps that is also the questions commonly asked about the problems began to find out, In the past with such questions, it took a lot of time and there are also time spent is We are not moving in the right direction, since we are not going in the right direction leading to a website dropping, and it takes a lot of work, so today we will give you the most basic techniques to help you have a website up. Top sustainable way of yourself called sustainable SEO tactics. First I ask you that is doing keyword SEO, while the strategic SEO section I will say to the next post, you follow the track. Keyword SEO: Why is it so, what is true is always true, it will follow the rules, we seek information by what, how, and where it leads us google and our website. be what After such questions, then you probably understand why it must be keyword SEO, because customers will find us, from google, with the keywords customers type on google will bring customers. to supplier or manufacturer. That is the keyword. Keyword SEO Methods: When we know what to do, it's time we make the way to address the issues we need to address to the goal we are aiming for. How do we pay attention to the steps taken according to what you are guiding here.     Website analysis: If you already have a website and now it's time to do keyword SEO work, at this point they return to the analysis of what our website has to meet the standards of google. No, the website's structure guarantees connections as well as the help of Google's bugs are easy to find, there are guides to help build the links, as well as the path of each page in it. Well, you should carefully consider the problems you give to ensure that google that your website is good.     Keyword Research: After the analysis to point out the problems that the website is experiencing as well as the advantages that our website is having with it is the keyword you are targeting, if the research work. Rescue keywords for new websites is quite simple, because words as well as words for the new website completely, and for webstie who have seniority on the internet, we have to study to give the keyword goal to look forward to.     Evaluating competitors: Indeed, targeting keywords, we should also study what our opponents do, and the strengths of our opponents are that, by doing so, We know what the opponent uses tips to the top, this learn a lot offline. Why do Seoers (SEOs) start to do SEO or begin to learn about SEO? You have to think about going to school somewhere, or at the expense of money, what is SEO is learning from. Many different sources, exactly google study, learn google algorithms, learn the algorithms well and your website meet the rigorous standards of google the website to top it all. Where to find out where algorithms are by any method that is effective and does not understand the result, is the study of competitors, competitors are using what and have success or not, should be successful so they are new top, I also apply as they are up to the top and so I ran and stick to them, when they stick to them, then do it to go beyond them, so that I will go up top only     Get started on our website optimization: 03 steps before we are all research and evaluate the work we will do to be sustainable SEO, now it's time to do it. Website optimization work has many things to write about it, if I have the opportunity, I will write more details about optimizing a website, but in general, the optimization work is doing the work. How website, keywords, how long the length of the interpretation and keywords how to fit the algorithm of google, the path is friendly article, the categories are arranged are appropriate or No more and many more questions about website optimization.     Introduce the website to the search engine: The truth is to introduce the machine is like a free website services, if not introduce to many people free web site services, then pay to know who knows. , accompanied by pay the ma no interest, no interest, how to find the prospect. A fairly simple example is to help you why we have to introduce websites to search engines. For example it says that. A website has extremely high quality products and discount is quite cheap that is the page, before when I do not know anything about SEO, this site is just a product display,

Web Design Pricing

VIET SEO Company specializes in providing web design services with a beautiful and unique interface along with full web features and utilities, highly applicable, suitable for all types of activities and businesses.

Web Basics

4.000.000 VND

  • Design basic web interface (home page) based on HTML5, CSS3, Javscript
  • Programming language: PHP&Mysql
  • Basic mobile interface design (responsive design)
  • Unlimited products/services
  • Order/service management
  • Consulting- Experience (news)
  • Contact us page
  • Language on website 1 language
  • Basic web system administration
  • Standard SEO Design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free chat box

Standard Web

6.000.000 VND

  • Web interface design (home page): standard HTML5, CSS3, Javscript
  • Programming language: PHP&Mysql
  • Standard mobile interface design (responsive design)
  • Unlimited products/services
  • Order/service management
  • Consulting- Experience (news)
  • Contact us page.
  • Language on website 2 languages
  • Standard web system administration
  • Standard SEO Design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free chat box.
  • Security function.
  • Search using Google Search.
  • Change interface color.
  • Domains .com, .net. SSL Security: 1 Year

Premium Web

9.000.000 VND

  • Web interface design (home page): HTML5, CSS3 Advanced, Javscript
  • Programming language: PHP&Mysql
  • Advanced mobile interface design (responsive design)
  • Unlimited products/services
  • Order/service management
  • Web system administration
  • Security function
  • Search with Google Search
  • Standard SEO Design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Change interface color
  • Free chat box
  • Shopping cart, online payment
  • Multi language
  • Provide hosting information
  • Domain names .com, .net
  • 1 Year SSL Security
  • Web hosting (hosting)
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