Frequently asked questions about SEO services

We would like to summarize some questions when customers use SEO services (website promotion) such as: How long does it take to do SEO to get to the top? How will SEO costs be calculated? If not achieving the keyword ranking goal, what will the cost be?

1. What is the keyword SEO service to Top Google?

Answer: It is a service to bring your website to a high position in the first page of Google search results. When a Google user enters a meaningful phrase to search for information, that phrase is called a "keyword". Keyword SEO usually focuses on keywords that have a lot of searches on Google.

2. Viet SEO company can tell me how SEO, SEO jobs will do, report the work done, SEO process for me?

Answer: We do not hand over SEO methods and SEO work to customers for the sake of job security and avoid tracking and vandalism from competitors.

3. Can Viet SEO company send me a daily or weekly report?

Answer: Usually, the ranking of keywords changes about every 3 or 4 weeks (depending on the "hot" of the keyword). Therefore, if the report is daily or weekly, it will take time for both the report maker and the newspaper viewer because the weekly results are the same. We send a report by email once a month according to the provisions of the contract or when you have a need, email us to make a report.

4. Please send successful SEO projects that Viet SEO company has done?

Answer: Please refer to some websites that Viet SEO has done at link:

5. If SEO is not successful, will Viet SEO Company compensate double the deposit amount?

Answer: When SEO fails for any keyword, Viet SEO company will refund 100% of the cost received for that keyword. We do not accept any additional compensation.

6. Does Viet SEO company have "white hat" and sustainable SEO?

Answer: Viet SEO Company has provided SEO services since 2007 (see business license link: so SEO methods have been changed. and improve in accordance with Google standards, the keywords to the Top will be sustainable and stable.

7. Can Viet SEO company downgrade competitor websites or put rival websites on Google's black list?

Answer: It is very difficult to downgrade the website or put it on the black list of Google. We cannot do this.


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8. My website was put on the black list (black list) of Google, can Viet SEO be removed?

Answer: Yes. Removing a website from Google's black list has many ways and depends on Google's penalty. Currently, Google works "real time" (real time, less cache) so the time to remove is faster, about 4 months is completely improved.

9. Can I specify links to get to the Top of Google?

Answer: Yes. When SEO still depends on Google to evaluate the choice between the links that SEO follows. We may also have to change the links according to the links that Google chooses to bring the link to the highest rank.

10. When I SEO the main keywords, keywords with accents or without accents, will related keywords, accented or unsigned keywords go to the Top?

Answer: Not sure to the Top. Because your related keyword may be someone else's main keyword. They focus on SEO that keyword, but you are only "related to the main keyword", your website can hardly compete to be on the Top.

11. What is the difference between keyword SEO and overall SEO?

Answer: Keyword SEO is focusing on the main keywords (hot keywords) that have a lot of searches on Google to compete directly with other competitors. Overall SEO is the overall optimization of the web (without identifying keywords) such as optimizing code, html, css, articles... so that the website is found with less competitive keywords.

12. In the SEO price list, there are 2 cases of keyword ranking: Price from 1 to 4 (Top 4) and price from 5 to 8 (Top 8). Can I choose SEO for prices 1 to 4 (excluding costs from 5 to 8)?

Answer: We only accept both Top 1 - 4 and Top 5 - 8 prices. When the contract is accepted, if the keyword falls into any price range, the cost will be calculated according to that price.

13. Does Viet SEO Company have any commitments?

Answer: We are committed to 100% refund for keywords that do not meet the requirements of the contract.

14. What does my website need to edit and optimize for SEO?

Answer: After signing the contract, Viet SEO company will check and optimize the web. Maybe the Viet SEO side will directly edit and optimize the web (if provided with hosting and web admin), or the Viet SEO company will send requests via email for you to update yourself.

15. After SEO is done, will Viet SEO Company hand over the system to customers to maintain SEO by themselves?

Answer: After SEO is done, usually, Viet SEO company will maintain SEO for customers at a cost of 10% / 1 month for SEO keywords. We do not hand over the system as well as the SEO work to the customer.

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