What is SEO?

Why is SEO so important for every website? The concept of SEO Website has become quite familiar, is a quite popular marketing channel today. Let's find out what SEO is and what is involved!

I. Types of SEO today.

1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization) and is a special technique in Internet Marketing. The purpose of helping the website achieve high rankings on search pages, typically Google. So what information do you need to know more about SEO? Don't worry the Storm Eye Wiki will answer it for you.

Types of SEO often do:

  • Keyword SEO or Website SEO is the most popular and popular form. Most businesses or SEOers want their keywords to rank high on the search results of Google .
  • Image SEO: Is a way SEO uses techniques to bring images in your website to the top of Google search when users search for that keyword and select the displayed image tab.
  • SEO Clip: You can SEO videos and clips available on the web or use other information channels like youtube to put your website on the Video tab.
  • SEO Google Map (Local SEO): A way to help searchers easily find the place to look on Google Map
  • SEO App Mobile: This form of SEO will be the App that appears on the search page that Google displays, making it easier for users to choose.

2. What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is optimizing what is displayed on the website such as meta, content, headings, images, etc. with the aim of increasing the website's ranking on search engines.

On-page SEO refers to activities on a website to improve organic visibility. This largely means optimizing a website and content to improve accessibility, relevance, and experience for users.

Some of the on-page SEO activities include:

  • Keyword Research: Analyze the types of words and frequency used by potential customers to find a brand's service or product. Understand their intent and user expectations from their search.
  • Technical Audit: Ensures the site is crawlable and indexable, is geo-targeted correctly, and has no errors or user experience barriers.
  • On-site optimization: Improve site structure, internal navigation, on-page alignment, and content relevancy to help prioritize key areas and target relevant search terms.
  • User Experience: Make sure the content shows expertise, authority and trust, is simple to use, fast, and ultimately provides the best possible user experience against the competition.

What is SEO

3. What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a method of optimizing external factors of the website. Those include link building, social media channels, social media bookmarking, etc., which aim to increase the number of reputable links from other websites. Because search engines use them as a score as a vote of confidence.

Links from sites and pages with authority, popularity, and relevance will pass more value to another site, than a poor, unknown site that is not found by search engines trust search. So the quality of a link is the most important signal. Backlinks come in many different ways.

Examples of some popular forms of Offpage SEO:

  • Build Sites to run backlinks
  • Place Backlinks at high authority sites. Maybe in the article or footer for a certain price
  • Use social networks to get backlinks

There are obviously a huge number of reasons why one website might link to another, and not all of them fit into the above categories. A good rule of thumb as to whether a link is valuable or not is to look at the quality of your referral traffic (visitors can click on the link to get to your site). If the site won't send any visitors or the audience is completely unrelated and irrelevant, it might not really be a link worth pursuing.

4. What are the advantages of SEO?

SEO has many advantages, of which the outstanding advantages are:

  • Optimizing the ratio of profit earned to investment costs
  • Cost savings
  • Improve user experience
  • Customer analytics support
  • Bring prestige to the business
  • Brand developping

Optimizing the ratio of profit earned to investment costs

An outstanding advantage of SEO is to help optimize ROI (Return On Investment - the ratio of profit earned to investment costs).

Accordingly, determining the correct search keywords is important in increasing the number of users accessing the website. This helps businesses collect detailed information about the number of contacts potential customers. Customer behavior from selection to purchase is also earned. Also know the keywords that bring the highest percentage of customers completing the payment.

From there, contributing to increase website traffic and conversion rate. It also contributes to increase the profit rate of the business

Cost savings

SEO is a form of marketing based on creating attractive content, attracting customers' interest. According to research, SEO can save 61% of costs compared to selling over the phone.

Improve user experience

In the process of SEO optimization, businesses are constantly improving the structure of their websites. They refresh their content, in order to give customers the best experience.

This will make it easier for people to find your website and the information on your website. As a result, customers will know and appreciate the quality of the business.

Customer analytics support

SEO plays an important role in helping businesses conduct customer analysis. From there, help businesses find their potential customer portrait audience. Choose effective marketing methods to maximize customer interest.

Bring prestige to the business

If the search rank of the business is higher on the search engines, the more customers know and trust the business. From there, bring prestige to the business in the market.

Brand developping

If SEO is good, the business will continuously appear on the top of the search engines. The brand identity of the business will also be effective. This will help your brand grow and expand.

5. What are the disadvantages of SEO?

Besides the advantages of SEO, the issue of long-term investment or competitors are also disadvantages of SEO, with detailed points:

  • Long investment time
  • Competitor
  • Constant fluctuations of SEO rankings

Long investment time

SEO is a long-term website promotion method. For articles on your website to appear at the top of the search engines will take a long time. Maybe even up to several months. So with SEO, businesses need to have patience. And this method will not be suitable for business people who need to advertise quickly.


Obviously, with any business, competition is inevitable. So if your SEO campaign achieves impressive results. Competitors will change their marketing campaigns and attack you.

Constant fluctuations of SEO rankings

Search rankings are unpredictable. It can fluctuate continuously without any prior forecast. Therefore, enterprises must anticipate all possible outcomes in order to take timely measures.

6. How to exploit SEO in the most effective way?

To exploit SEO effectively, SEO strategy is important, let's take a look at the following issues:

  • Make a business plan
  • Combine SEO with other Marketing tools
  • Provide content value to customers
  • Make a business plan

First of all, businesses must have a specific business strategy. Including setting up a standard Website, to providing content and necessary information for customers.

Next, businesses will rely on human resources, finance, competitors, market needs, suppliers, suppliers... to set out short-term plans and goals according to each development stage of the company. me.

Combine SEO with other Marketing tools

To achieve the best results, businesses should combine SEO with other marketing tools. This will help the business appear on the top of search engines to be maintained more effectively.

Provide content value to customers

SEO is a marketing method that uses content to attract customers. Therefore, if the quality of the content is good, customers will trust and know the business more.

7. Tools to support SEO?

At this point, you already know what SEO actually is, but in order to do good SEO, we need some SEO support tools.

Top 10 SEO tools to have:

  • Google Analytics
  • What is Google webmaster tools?
  • What is Tool Moz?
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Screaming Frog
  • SEO Tools Asia
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Keywordtool.io
  • SEO Quake Toolbar
  • GTmetrix

Vietnam SEO services

II. What are the current SEO schools?

There are 3 popular SEO schools today, including: white hat SEO, black hat SEO and gray hat SEO.

1. What is white hat SEO?

The term white hat SEO is also known as White Hat SEO. Use only SEO tactics that match the terms and conditions of the search engines.

White hat SEO is the opposite of black hat SEO. White hat SEO adheres to all search engine policies when optimizing. More specifically here is Google, SEOer complies, ensuring not to suffer from Google's penalty policies.

White hat SEO tactics include:

  • Provide quality content and services
  • Website loading time is fast and mobile-friendly
  • Use meta tags description, keyword rich
  • Make your website easy to navigate

2. What is black hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is also known as Black Hat SEO. Mention methods used to increase rankings by violating terms. The use of black hat SEO may result in the site being banned from search engines and affiliated sites.

The following SEO tactics are considered black hat and should not be practiced at all:

  • Content automation
  • Doorway Pages
  • Hidden text or links
  • Keyword stuffing keyword
  • Report Bad Competitors (Negative SEO)
  • Stealth redirects
  • Link manipulation (including buy links)
  • Spam marks rich snippets
  • Automated queries to Google
  • Create pages, subdomains or domains with duplicate content
  • Sites with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, and other malware.

3. What is gray hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO is also known as Gray Hat SEO. Is a riskier SEO practice than White Hat SEO, but either of those may or may not result in your site being banned from search engines and affiliated sites. Gray hat SEO is difficult to define.

In the words of SEO Consultant John Andrews: “Gray hat SEO is not something between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, but the practice of tactics and techniques that are still not clearly defined by the material published from Google on how to tactically support or oppose the spirit of Google's published guidelines."

A proper understanding of gray hat SEO is important because it can improve your site's rankings without negative consequences or it can cost you thousands of traffic. Gray hat SEO changes periodically. What is considered as gray hat SEO can be classified as black hat SEO or white hat SEO later on. Therefore, SEOs need to be informed about the latest classifications.

Google Algorithms

III. Google Algorithms?

Google's algorithms greatly affect the SEO results of many Websites. Therefore, SEO people need to know how to adapt to the constant changes coming from Google. Here are some of the biggest algorithms SEOers need to know:

  • Panda algorithm
  • Penguin Algorithm
  • Pirate Algorithm
  • Hummingbirdalgorithm
  • Pigeon algorithm
  • Mobile Friendly
  • RankBrain
  • Possum's algorithm
  • Fred's Algorithm

Let's find out in detail the content of each of the above algorithms!

1. Panda algorithm

The target of the Panda algorithm is websites with low quality, poor content, spam, copy, etc. When the site violates these errors and is handled by the Panda algorithm. It is impossible to get high rankings on search engines.

2. Penguin Algorithm

Websites with poor quality link profiles, spammy and unnatural links, will be processed by the Penguin algorithm and cannot be at the top of the search results.

3. Pirate algorithm

The goal of the Pirate algorithm is to handle websites that violate content piracy, which are reported by many violations.

4. Hummingbird algorithm

With the Google Hummingbird algorithm, websites with keyword-stuffed articles or incorrect keyword targeting will be handled.

5. Pigeon algorithm

Poorly optimized sites, improperly set up Google My Business, or conflicting business contact information or missing citations in the local directory will all be handled by Pigeon.

6. Mobile Friendly

The Mobile Friendly algorithm will filter out Websites that do not have a mobile version, websites that have too small text, or lines that are too close together, making it difficult for users to read, use many Plugins, or have restrictions. view is not good to proceed with violations.

7. RankBrain

The target of the RankBrain algorithm is websites that lack relevance to a particular query or provide a poor user experience.

8. Possum Algorithm

This algorithm has the function of handling websites with similar addresses or providing similar services.

IV. What is the job of SEO? What is an SEOer?

There are quite a few questions surrounding the jobs, conditions or skills required of an SEOer. Let Mat Bao learn more about the following questions:

  • What is SEO profession?
  • What are the similarities and differences between IT and SEO?
  • Does SEO need to know what Copywriting is?
  • So does SEO need to know Design?
  • SEO does not need to know programming?
  • SEO and Online Marketing are 2 different fields?

1. What is SEO profession?

SEO profession is one of the emerging professions in Vietnam in recent years. Along with the development of Online Marketing and search engine optimization is SEO. To put it simply, an SEO professional needs to undertake Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO work.

However, what is SEO profession is also a concept that is still quite strange to many people. Let's find out what SEO profession is. Here are the 5 most common SEO myths:

2. What are the similarities and differences between IT and SEO?

IT stands for Information Technology. SEO career and IT career are not the same. If IT specializes in computer programming, SEO is about search engine optimization. The SEO profession only needs to know how to edit documents, install the main software to run Adwords, analyze and measure the results. More precisely, it should be said that SEO profession is related to IT profession.

3. Does SEO need to know what Copywriter is?

Copywriting is the most important job in the SEO profession. Because new content is what attracts and holds readers. Search engine optimization is good but the content is poor, sooner or later the site is forgotten. SEO requires the ability to copy and rewrite attractively.

4. So does SEO need to know Design?

High-level design skills may not be necessary, but basic design skills are indispensable. Because, you cannot optimize your website to rank high on Google search results if it does not have attractive images. The SEO profession involves Photoshop, video design and a little artistic ability. Standard SEO articles cannot be without attractive design photos.

5. SEO does not need to know programming?

Not really, because when you're optimizing something, you need to understand it. The main programming language is the Source Code website. Only when you understand that language will you understand what the website needs. SEO profession does not need specialized knowledge of programming, but basic knowledge is indispensable.

6. SEO and Online Marketing are 2 different fields?

This is a fatal misconception. SEO is a branch of SEM (Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Marketing). In today's era, when online marketing is growing day by day. SEO profession has almost become an important profession to run good marketing.