Warranty Policy

Our warranty policy includes:

    Warranty policy for the Website

    About server / Hosting (Server)

    Other agreements

Warranty policy for the Website

Lifetime warranty with the website source code

For all functions of the website we built

We will not warrant if:

    Source code is being tampered with by third parties, not Vietseo

    Meet force majeure cases (*)

    Support up to 3 months after acceptance

This support policy includes:

    Website user guide

    Support consulting and handling arising errors

This support policy will not cover:

    Add banner

    Add website content

    Move website from hosting to hosting

(*) Cases of force majeure include:

    The phenomena of natural disasters such as rain, flood, fire, storm, tsunami ....

    Social phenomena such as wars, coups, strikes, sanctions, and changes in Government policies

    Other events: fuel shortage, network failure

About Server / Hosting (Server)

If the server is managed by Vietseo

We are responsible for:

    The fix fixes any issues that occur

    Backup website data for you

    Ensure maintain website performance and speed

If the server is managed by Customer

We will advise you on how to fix the problem, we will not be responsible for any errors that arise.