Warranty policy

Our warranty policy includes:

  • Warranty policy for Websites
  • Regarding server / Hosting
  • Other agreements

Website Warranty Policy

Lifetime warranty for website source code

For all website functionalities built by us

We will not warrant if:

  • The source code is tampered with by a third party not affiliated with Vietseo
  • Force majeure cases (*) occur
  • Support is requested beyond 3 months after acceptance testing

This support policy includes:

  • Website usage guidance
  • Consultation and resolution of arising issues

This support policy will not cover:

  • Adding banners
  • Adding website content
  • Migrating website from one hosting to another

(*) Force majeure cases include:

  • Natural disasters such as rain, floods, fires, storms, tsunamis, etc.
  • Social events such as wars, coups, strikes, embargoes, changes in government policies
  • Other events: fuel shortages, network errors

Regarding Server / Hosting

If the server is managed by Vietseo

We are responsible for:

  • Repairing and resolving any occurring issues
  • Backing up website data for our clients
  • Ensuring the performance and speed of the website

If the server is managed by the Client

We will provide guidance and advice on resolving issues, but we will not be responsible for any arising errors.


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