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Make sure your Google users find your website right in the first page of results! Usually, internet users need to buy a product or service, they will go to Google to find the suppliers of the products or services they need. The searcher can enter the name of the product or service (called a keyword). The reason to do SEO for your company's website is to increase the traffic of visitors to their website, generate more leads from Google to increase sales and make your brand stronger.

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Cheaper to hire employees and also Google adwords!

Do you regularly search for information on Google? When looking for your product name or service name on Google, your website has been found? If not, we insist your website is not well promoted. What should you do to reach more than 30 million Vietnamese using the internet every day?

Have not heard of SEO or is it still a bit ambiguous about this service? So what is SEO service? Can web promotion help you and your customers find each other on Google through the website?

The concept of SEO can be understood as a website optimization service for search engines like Google. SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization", a collection of methods to improve website rankings in search results pages. Website promotion can be considered as a field in online marketing through search engines. SEO is an extremely effective marketing solution for businesses, which helps increase traffic from potential customers.

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Terms of SEO Services

What is the searching machine?

This is a temporary translation of the term "search engine". When it comes to search engines, we often think of well-known services like Google Search, Yahoo! Search or Bing Search, etc.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words used to indicate the product name, business line or service of the website. When you want to find some information, and you sit in front of the Google search window, what do you do? Surely you will hit the words meaningful with the content that you want to find. Keywords mean the content you are looking for, which is the keyword!

What is Top 5?

This is a list of websites that rank from 1 to 5 on the first page of search results.

Main tasks when implementing SEO:

1. Identify keywords that are relevant to your website or business.

2. Accurate website quality, edit HTML tags to be more search engine friendly.

3. Programming robots.

4. Programming the .xml files.

5. Register your site to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ...

6. Register the website to the website directory.

7. Exchange links with other websites.

The first step to promoting the web is to search and survey the keywords in the business of the website that many people are interested in searching on Google. Rely on selected keywords to optimize on page & off page SEO for website. The time for SEO keywords on the Top is about 4 months, although a bit long but sure and durable hold the Top position.

When your brand is well known, you need to promote your brand and continue to be number 1 on Google. For small and medium enterprises, it is necessary to promote the website to affirm the brand. Please introduce the list of customers who have joined our SEO services, please visit here:

Free SEO will assist to help your website rank in top Google regularly. The goal of web promotion is to bring in potential customers from the itnernet in a cost-effective manner. Once your website has reached a high ranking in the search engine, it means that customers come to you will skyrocket.

We believe that after you use the SEO service you will feel the business is simple and the revenue growth is easy.

The benefits of using SEO services:

1. Less expensive than the traditional way of promoting newspapers, newspapers ...

2. Advertise to the right audience because when new visitors are searching on Google.

2. Customers are more confident when the website has Top Google rankings.

4. Your brand is gaining popularity on the internet community.

5. Manage your profits from SEO easily, by the number of searchers, the number of visitors to the website.

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You are wondering what is the cost of Google Top SEO services? Depending on your requirements, your keyword list and website are available that have different web promotion costs. Please contact us by phone 0917 212 969 - 0908 744 256 (Mr. Thanh) for specific advice.

After the Top Google website you need to continue to promote the web to avoid competitors have the opportunity to promote your website down. Some people think that after the promotion of wbesite finished, the website position is not changed then that is wrong. How does your website stay on top forever without the need to continue to promote the web while your competitors are still promoting their website?

We show you that when doing SEO, the ROI (return on capital) will be positive. There are a number of clients who have partnered with us on several contracts on a website because after the first successful and profitable deal, they want to grow. There were also more than 10 SEO sites after their first website promoted the site.

Distinguish between SEO services and adwords advertising?

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