Google website without software (index)

11/08/2022 15:31

Causes Google does not index (index) your website

Here are the main reasons why Google doesn't index your website.

Google no index

1. Google has not found your website: In this case, it is usually for newly created websites that Google has not timely indexed.

2. Your website or page is blocked by robots.txt

3. Google crawl has a temporary error.

4. Website has too many duplicate content pages.

5. If you are web wordpress, you have opened the privacy function for the web.

6. Website is blocked by .htaccess file

7. Website of seller has meta tag NOINDEX

8. Your website has problems with AJAX / JavaScript (Google cannot load these components).

9. Your website loads infinitely.

10. Hosing your website is stopped

11. You are rejected from Google index (Deinedexed): Usually due to excessive SEO optimization. Your website is penalized by Google.

* To test, you can save the web page as html and upload it to hosting to check each part of the web in Google Search Console.