The reason the website is not indexed by Google

Websites that want to be ranked on the search results table need to be indexed by Google. However, not all publicly available websites are indexed by Google. The following 10 reasons will help you understand why your website is not indexed by Google.

What is Google index?

Index is an index that is understood as a collection of classified and arranged information according to certain specific rules for the purpose of supporting easier and more efficient information retrieval.

Google index is understood as Google's index is the process of crawling the Google search engine with web pages on the Internet.

After collecting data, Google will compare and evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of the data and arrange it into indexes on Google's server system thanks to the use of algorithms. The more the data is scanned and evaluated by the Google bot, the higher the data is evaluated and ranked on the search engine results table.

The importance of Google index

If Google does not crawl and index your website, your website will not appear in Google's search results or it can be interpreted as non-existent for search engines.

When your website is not displayed in Google's index, when customers search for information about your business or website, the information will not be returned to the user.

Therefore, having a website indexed by Google is the only way for your website and information to appear in the search engine results table when users search for information on Google. Therefore, Google index has a very important role for websites as well as businesses.

Reason Google not inddex website

10 reasons why your website is not indexed by Google

Although we understand the importance of Google indexing websites, not all websites are indexed by Google. You may not know 10 reasons why your website is not indexed by Google:

1. Website has domain name indexed as www or non www

The www domain is technically a subdomain. Therefore, domain names containing www or non www are two different paths. So, make sure you add a complete and correct record of both these domain parameters to your Google Webmaster Tools account.

At the same time, you should also let Google know which domain name is the main domain of your website to verify ownership.

2. Your website does not have a sitemap

When the design of your website and website is complete, you need to create a separate sitemap.xml. Sitemap.xml is a map of your website that helps Google bots to access, crawl, and index your website.

The way to create a sitemap is very simple, you can completely rely on SEO support tools like Yoast Seo… Once you have a sitemap, you need to carefully review and check the process of submitting the sitemap, if there are any mistakes. If anything is missing, you should correct it and send it back immediately so that Google can re-crawl the data as quickly as possible.

3. Google can't find your business website

In fact, this is a common problem for new websites. Therefore, if you are a new business and have just built a website, please wait patiently for Google to have time to update, collect and review your website data.

However, if Google has not yet created your website, the first thing you should do is check if your sitemap has been created and you have declared the sitemap to Google or not.

Creating a sitemap is something that needs to be done right after designing the website and should be submitted as soon as possible. If you have done both then you need to check the sitemap and file submission process for any problems to report back to Google.

4. Website blocked due to errors in robots.txt . file

Your website is not indexed by Google, it may be because of the command lines in the robots.txt file. If you have this problem, you can easily fix it by removing the entry from your robots.txt file and your website will then reappear in the index.

However, be aware and double-check the robots.txt file to make sure you don't have the type of directory you want to see in the search results.

5. Your site has too much duplicate content

On a website with too much duplicate content, it will be easy for search engines to get confused and it will certainly happen that the Google bot will un-index your website.

In this case, the simplest and most effective solution is to modify and refresh the website's content. In addition, you can completely implement a 301 redirect link to redirect poor quality articles and content to better quality articles.

Currently, wordpress has an outstanding feature that is website security under privacy mode. With this feature, you can completely freely build and create content when the website's structure is incomplete because the content will not be indexed.

If you are an administrator of the website, to turn off interaction with search engines, go to the "Admin" section -> Select "Settings" -> Go to the "Read" section to check - > Uncheck the “Search Engine Interactions” section.

7. Website Crawl Error

In case the Google bot cannot crawl and data on your website, it also means that Google cannot index your website. The case where the Google bot can still see your data but can't crawl it is a problem many websites face.

To fix this situation, go to Google Search Console -> Select the site you need to crawl -> Click Inspect URL -> Click request indexing.

When finished, if there are any errors, the system will return the results to you. You should directly select each link and then fetch it like on Google to help that link be indexed by Google on Google's database.

8. Your website loading speed is too long

This will be a factor affecting whether Google will index your website or not. Because, Google really doesn't like websites that take too long to load and load. When the page load speed is long, it means that the Google bot will take too long to collect information and data. Therefore, it will ignore your website and the content on your website will not be indexed.

9. There is a problem with your Hosting

There are hosting providers that block the access of the Google bot. This is the reason why your website is not indexed by Google.

Therefore, when designing a website and choosing hosting, you need to carefully check the speed and see if your Hosting block Google Bot or not. Check if your Hosting bandwidth solves your website speed related problems. Also ask them to remove the feature that blocks the access of Google bots, if any.

10. Your website is removed by Google

This is the worst case scenario if your website encounters it. In case your website is removed and lost index completely, it may be because you are being penalized by Google's algorithm. It may be because your website is dark web or has a shady history, your website will be blocked from indexing the content and indexing.

Building a website is difficult, how to make the website indexed by Google is even more difficult. If you are not proficient in this issue, then it is best to hire a website design service and an external SEO service to ensure your business process.

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