The difference between SEO and Google Adwords Ads?

11/08/2022 15:33

The goal is that when the two services on enter keywords your website will appear at the top of the search results page of google, but your location will appear with the other 2 between google adwords advertising services and SEO.

1. Time

You want to promote products and services to customers on the internet to quickly seize the opportunity before your competitors will not be able to ignore Google Adwords ad, you only need to perform the installation and promotional payments Advertising your website will appear headed google just a few minutes to install.

With SEO optimized web sites you must make the correct web standards and good display on browsers, declared sitemap and editorial content, and more needs to be done, time to appear on the top google can calculate monthly 1, 3 or 6 months or longer

SEO - Google Ads

2. Position display

Google adwords ad will be displayed 3 results at the top, below the display of natural results (SEO). Ability customers click on the ads will be higher google SEO. Research shows that 64% of customers will click hangtim for advertising, and the rest will click on the natural results and 45% of users do not distinguish between the natural search results, where the ad

The advantage of search engine optimization SEO is: If you are on the top with the words: Aluminum hyundai when users search for terms related one example: hyundai aluminum doors, aluminum facades hyundai you will be more opportunities and to maintain one word: Teams hyundai, a significant advantage over google adwords advertising is only the top of his right

3. Efficiency and profitability

Both 2 are brought to profits, more old you can see in google analytics so customers know exactly what you're looking for problems.

As mentioned above for your website SEO topped click on google and many more keep your rankings and website content must be updated continuously optimize the website for google friendly

Google adwords ads can run into click fraud by competitors deliberately click

4. Costs

Google adwords advertising is only charged when a user clicks on your ad, and the cost will be deducted from the account until no balance not display ads anymore and costs are reported page of google adwords management

SEO: The head of the top google to take a lot of effort and expense, but when you get promoted more and more clicks and opportunity, of course, no cost at all, can only maintain monthly costs if your partner is working to maintain that rank for you, they will advise and work to keep high rankings on google.


Google advertising services (AdWords): High cost, stability can not, in the long term costly. Strengths are quick to deploy, not time-consuming.

Service search engine optimization (SEO): Low cost, enjoying long-term results, weaknesses are slowing the deployment time (1-3 months on top).

To view your current website has quality or not? Why has operated for more than 1 year or so, but did not improve rankings see the article: standards and assessment tools website quality and efficiency.

The best way is to just google adwords advertising and SEO has just carried out as soon as possible, because SEO keywords will long but less costly, more advertising google adwords help counter for your page, but important choices select experienced partners to help reduce the cost and time for you.