What is an e-commerce website and its benefits for businesses?

In the digital era, owning an e-commerce website is one of the prerequisites for increasing sales and business development. You are looking to build a professional e-commerce website but are wondering because you do not have much knowledge about this field?

You can rest assured because it's not just you who are feeling confused, there are many people who feel the same way as you. And this article will give you the most complete and clear information about this type of website. Together with Viet SEO.

What is an e-commerce website?

First, we will help you understand the concept of “What is an e-commerce website?”

According to the regulations of the State of Vietnam, in Clause 8, Article 3 of Decree 52/2013/ND-CP on e-commerce, the above concept is clearly defined as follows:

Sales e-commerce websites are websites set up by traders, organizations and individuals themselves to serve their trade promotion activities, goods sale or service provision.

You can understand simply as follows: “E-commerce websites are websites created by businesses for the purpose of only introducing and selling products of that company, not for other merchants to sell on the website. your website”.

A professional sales website and creates the credibility of customers, that website must have the blue confirmation logo of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. That is, businesses creating this website need to notify the Ministry of Industry and Trade to be allowed to operate.

So in summary, what are the conditions for setting up a sales website?

  • Enterprises, traders, organizations with appropriate functions and tasks or individuals that have been granted personal tax identification numbers.
  • Having a valid website domain name and complying with regulations on information management on the Internet.
  • Notify the Ministry of Industry and Trade about the establishment of a sales website according to regulations.

Benefits of an e-commerce website

Why do e-commerce sites attract so many established businesses? What magical benefits does it bring?

Here are the benefits of owning an e-commerce website:

1. Increase profits

E-commerce website with the advantage of not being limited in terms of time and space like traditional sales, you can actively search for customers to come to your products and services and vice versa.

In addition, in order to increase profits, your business must provide products with guaranteed quality, suitable for user needs, reasonable prices along with enthusiastic, increasingly reliable support. Make sure your company's business activities grow in a sustainable way.

2. Cost saving

Saving costs is the benefit that attracts many businesses to invest in owning an e-commerce website. Because you do not need to spend a large amount of money to rent space, hire and train staff, ... and still get high profits if you know how to combine it with some online marketing strategies.

3. Increase the ability to interact with customers

When customers visit an e-commerce website, they can easily update prices, product information and services. Besides, whenever customers need advice, the customer care team will advise promptly, not keeping customers waiting for a long time.

This will show the respect, professionalism and prestige of the company in the hearts of customers, helping to increase the ability to interact with customers.

4. Enhance competitiveness with competitors

The competitive battle in the sales market on technology is increasingly fierce, but if you know how to take advantage of this opportunity to own an e-commerce website with an easy-to-see and unique interface, it will help attract customers. more customers.

Therefore, you need to set up a unique and creative website to make customers impressed, remember and choose the products and services that you are doing business.

5. Brand promotion

In the digital age, family members all use Wifi / Internet connection technology, so it will be very convenient for brand promotion not only in Vietnam but also in the international market. From there, the design of an e-commerce website will help you easily reach potential customers faster and more effectively.

It can be said that owning a sales website is essential in today's global competition.

e-commerce website

Features of e-commerce website

Converting from an old website to a professional e-commerce website is a trend that attracts many businesses today. So what are the characteristics of e-commerce sites that stand out compared to regular websites?

1. Intuitive, quality images and videos

A visual image or video of a product is very important because it is the first thing customers want to see when searching on an e-commerce website. Therefore, electronic websites have the function of displaying visual images with fast image loading rates so that customers do not have to wait.

2. Provide fast and accurate information

The basic element and also the feature of an e-commerce website that is much more prominent than a regular sales website is to provide customers with product information in a FAST - ACCURATE - COMPLETE way.

On large commercial websites, businesses will set up a very clear and scientific website structure so that buyers can easily find the right product in the fastest way. That structure is integrated with search filters to clearly categorize levels such as filtering by price, popularity, product material, size, etc. Thus, the shopping experience of customers goods will become simpler.

3. Convenient and fast operation

Convenience and fast operation are the characteristics of the first e-commerce sites compared to the regular web. Putting a position in the mind of customers when accessing a shopping website, they always want to find complete information about the product they want in the easiest and fastest way.

4. Favorites cart feature

The favorite shopping cart feature is a feature that helps customers to have a list of products that they want to save. Buyers are always attracted to more items than they need to buy such as attracted by promotions or good reviews that they are also planning to buy, ...

From there, it is more likely that the business will sell more products, and if customers do not buy right away, this is also a good experience on your e-commerce website and will definitely come back next time.

5. Easily interact with the seller

The feature of an e-commerce website that makes customers feel loved again is the easy two-way interaction between the seller and the buyer. Because professional commercial websites are now equipped with online chat software, a great feature for businesses to consult and support customers in the fastest way.

In addition, the e-commerce website has integrated discussion, Q&A and product evaluation features directly on the website to help businesses quickly build trust from customers. At the same time, customers can easily see the best-selling products of the business to learn more.

6. Various forms of payment

Today, cash payment is almost replaced by payment via bank card, QR code, transfer is very fast and modern. The diversity in payment methods is also the advantage of e-commerce websites because it creates the most favorable conditions for both buyers and sellers to achieve their goals.

What is a professional e-commerce website?

Based on the features and benefits that e-commerce websites bring, thousands of businesses race to design and build their own online website. So, the e-commerce website market is growing like a hurricane. However, in order for your website to become quality and stand out from other competitors, the evaluation criteria below cannot be ignored.

1. Content criteria

Content is the first criterion to build a professional e-commerce website. . For the purpose of making it easy for customers to access as well as directing them to your business brand, you need to create attractiveness from the information displayed on the interface of the page.

That content should include: contact information, company introduction, product description, price, announcement, event information, beautiful visual images and videos, ...

2. Operation cycle is optimized

The operation cycle of a professional e-commerce website needs to be convenient and fast to bring the best experience to customers. That cycle ranges from easy product selection to allowing users to easily adjust and confirm their order.

Besides, the registration of customer information should not be lengthy because it is easy for users to lose patience and leave the page.

3. Policy development & confidentiality

Registering or entering personal information of customers should only be required at checkout and this information should be kept confidential. It is also an important reason why many people evaluate a professional website.

In addition, businesses need to have their own policies to handle complaints and disputes in a clear and effective manner.

4. The theme is easy to use and compatible with many devices

A professional e-commerce website will be beautifully designed, minimalistic using a clean theme. Absolutely, do not mix many themes for your website because it negatively affects user psychology.

Besides, when choosing a theme to design a website, you need to prioritize its compatibility with other devices such as smartphones, ipads, ... to make it easy for customers to use anytime, anywhere.

Note that, even if you have a website design that is compatible with many devices, it still has to meet the key elements including images, content, testing process and CTA (call to action).

Popular types of e-commerce websites

E-commerce web is a type of website designed most today for the purpose of online business. Thanks to the business method on the website, many businesses earn a huge profit plus attract a large number of potential customers.

Here are the two main types of e-commerce websites that any business needs to know:

1. Website for online shop

Technology develops, family members use technology and the field of online business becomes an extremely potential field for shop owners. More and more, we see hundreds of online sales websites springing up with a variety of products serving all different types of customers.

The advantage of this type of website is that it allows you to pay online or receive goods and then pay later, which is extremely convenient and fast. Online payment gateways have also promptly linked with most domestic banks, so users only need to perform a few simple steps to be able to make a successful purchase.

2. Online e-commerce platform

For small businesses, building their own online sales website takes a lot of money and effort to take care of. Instead, an online e-marketplace such as a famous e-commerce website such as Lazada, Shopee, ... is a good choice because it makes it easy for both sellers and buyers to use.

Sellers only need to register for a sales account and commit to the policy on the e-market, that's it, you've got your own store right away. Next are the steps to display their products through entering product information, selling prices with illustrations.

Where to build a professional e-commerce website?

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The cost of designing an e-commerce website will depend on the unique requirements, the specificity of each individual and organization.

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