Summary of top website designer and developer for the web

11/08/2022 15:31

For developers, the web designer and update the information on design trends, learn skills, new techniques, read the analysis and find creative ideas for the website or are looking to read the references It is very necessary. In this article, I'll share the big sites but I still daily or to view the articles useful, like reading the newspaper regularly. If you have more useful sites, please comment below, you can consider to update the list of "top" this below.

1. Smashing magazine

Top of my list would be this. All are known designer and developer Smashing Magazine because all posts on this article are extremely high quality. This page was established by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz in 2009.

This is a very good source to consult for the professional web developer you. Besides, it can be confusing to the beginner you ... but if you like to challenge yourself, then make up to go!

2. Codrops

Codrops have a lot of HTML and CSS tutorial specializing in advanced.

Codrops world famous thanks to the tutorial web design originality, not in touch with the other pages Tut. One thing in particular that is the unique tut here largely written by a cute girl Manoela Ilic. On Monday every week, Codrops 1 Collection will release a collection of articles or from different places in the week. Awesome!

This indeed is an address indispensable for the designer and front-end developer.
Top web design
3. Tutsplus

Tutsplus the paradise of the designer and developer, this is the truth without further debate. Here is where the focus of a lot of tutorials on many fields such as: Web design, coding, music, art, photography, business, ... In this, the watch overwhelmed, creating "effects" lag browser because battery Flood tab or bookmark: D.

Currently the tutorial at Tutsplus is free but if you need to see the video tutorial, you can register TutsPlus Membership package to have the opportunity to see hundreds of programming courses and different designs with the highest quality . 4. CSS-trick

CSS tutorial for treasure

Want to learn depth of CSS, then css-trick can meet all your needs. Css-trick was founded by Chris Coyier circa 2007. I learned quite well from this useful tip. Especially the last Chris has released CSS Centering very monumental complete guide.

One other plus point in CSS-Trick is Christ Coyier very funny, if you can hear and understand what he says in the video, then make sure you not only acquire knowledge but also have a match or a good laugh again .

5. A List Apart

Follow ALA if you need access to knowledge of new technologies in Web Design

A List Apart is a rare site in existence since 1998 and specializes in writing about the new trends in Web design. Remember her very ignorant little old position in the CSS (bit better now), so read very detailed article Position 101 in ALA that inform a lot.

Sure there is a lot you do not know a thing, that is Responsive Web Design articles on Ethan Marcotte first posted in ALA.

6. Speckyboy

Speckyboy was founded in 2007 by Paul Andrew. It also has plenty of tutorials or accompanied by a collection of freebie, resource serving the very best design. Speckyboy is the first web blog dedicated app for iPhone and iPad.

Although you can find all the code here, but now the most popular in the array Speckyboy only collection of freebies and resources for Web Designer.

7. Webdesigndepot

Webdesigndepot very interesting not because the tutorial or which are the comics and a weekly columnist retweet - like owning MightyDeals Codrops collection and product design with a lot of quality but low price, but his body did not buy, just soup free goods to pour on it.

8. TreeHouse

Treehouse offers so many interesting courses like Tutsplus. Blog TreeHouse had quite a unique article and or the new design trends, techniques "little touch" with the other tut web. Very good for reference!

9. Webmonkey

If the above is the resource site for the Web Designer and Web Developer with experience, the reference Webmonkey is the ideal place for both the newbie and professional people.

If you're a newbie, it is somewhat Browse Our Webmonkey Cheat Sheets Tutorial and very nice to you can read and follow to equip the background.

10. SitePoint

Recently Karmi Phuc has translated one article from SitePoint and that article is pretty good. So if you love the code, it should not be overlooked because it contains a lot SitePoint great tutorial from HTML & CSS to PHP, Ruby, Javascript and include always all about good design.

In addition, there SitePoint SitePoint Community to the Webmaster can exchange experiences and learn from each other.

11. WebHostingTalk

Whether you are a Designer or Developer, Web Hosting problem still important because it is the necessity to be able to run a website. If you are interested in the discussion of hosting providers are looking for good, reputable review articles, please refer here.

Or you could also use it as a FAQ page about Web Hosting, if there is need to purchase where they can host on this topic creates consult experts, they will have good advice for you .

Do not worry about the problem of hosting provider account creation and entice you, this community is the world's largest Web Hosting Should the legislation is also very tight, cultural communication is also featured. Will not unusual when a business guy in Site B hosts went encourages you to use the host at Site A because they simply will advise where you should select the hosts line with demand.

12. Thachpham Blog

And do not forget where you are reading this article synthesis. Thachpham blog popularity in Vietnam, everyone knew already: P.

Thachpham Blog is developing towards a brochure website for lovers WordPress, and later was the tutorial on VPS - Server details, and finally resources for webmasters.

13. IzWebz

If the WordPress blog that specializes in Vietnamese and the general concept of the Izwebz Webmaster is a good resource to learn about the field of Front-end Developer particular.

Although infrequent today IZWebz new post but the DVD of their study was very useful if you buy it.

This is the Web designer's paradise. They can look for many creative ideas here or another designer show for their products. Many unique ideas, shimmering beauty that one can encounter here.
15. Dribbble

Where "a sexual act" of the designer with a quality product.

Like Behance, Dribbble is show customers and search where creative ideas of the designer. Sculpture here which is to be able to upload the product, you need to get Dribbble invitation, but to get the invitation, they must go "hunting" invite. Pretty tough! So that product quality at somewhat higher Dribbble Behance.

In you can find a lot of code HTML / CSS / JS great. The magic kind of markup that are performed here !!!

Not just a place to refer, you can use Codepen storage purposes of your markup code or to share with others.
17. Awwwards

This is where the daily / monthly / annual honors on both sites have great design. It is a reference to the great design idea for the Web designer. Awwwards blog also was extremely thorough, very high quality.
18. Twitter

If you need to communicate and follow with the Web Developer & Designer in the world, take more time for Twitter because it was commonly used by foreign individuals (especially Americans) preferred.
19. JS Fiddle

Already a Web Developer certainly can not not known JSFiddle capital is a return address and execute JavaScript code and HTML / CSS online very well.

Here is a list of web browsers in its day. And of you? I have omitted certain pages more interesting it? Let yourself hear from you. We can update to make more long list of "top" is.