Elements help designers succeed website

13/10/2021 10:40

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to design your website is ranked high in Google's search results. But what happens after searchers click on your site? What should you do next?

After web designing and working with nearly a hundred websites enterprise sites (companies) small and we concluded that there were 7 elements made website businesses efficiently and successfully. Look at the list and check how much you have done in the following elements:

1. Design and simple content navigation

The design and content navigation simple

Your site should not flashy - it just needs to be simple and professional. Make it easy for people to understand the content of your website and how to find important content. The study showed that the majority of you only get about 3 seconds before important decisions visitors escape or move into websites - hence the need friendly and professional within the first debut.

2. Your picture on website design websites fair use image

Did you know that your About page most visited page and the second interest on your website? That's because people want to know who they are reaching with this organization ?, How ?. The unnamed site will not get many results as individual sites. Because people buy from people and see that not one anonymous sites.

So put your picture on the website, or better is placed in the home page. If you can not do that, at least to have the image of the employee, or manager smiling at your office. You need to make your website close to real life.

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3. Encourage guests maximum action

Sign Up Free Area is also stimulating active customers

Your site should be functional or contact information clearly to what you want your visitors to do? Call for an appointment, purchase your eBook, subscribe to your newsletter? Anything, please make sure this function works well. To encourage visitors to take action, or you might not get anything from them.

4. Update content regularly single website

Update content regularly

Publish unique content on a regular basis is very important for your website. Every time you publish new content Google back and crawl your site again. This content can be optimized for the keyword phrase you are interested, and your geographic location.

A good content and provide value to your readers and potential customers. If you share your knowledge, they will learn to trust you.

The best way to keep your content fresh is to have a blog (or news area) on your website. According to a recent study HubSpot, companies that generate 10-15 per month blog post will get more traffic to 5 times compared with companies without.

A blog makes it easy to update your website regularly. If you are too busy to update it you can hire copywriters who are familiar with creating blog content and they will employ a professional to create your content.

5. Synchronize your content

Sync Your Content

When you write a blog, you can use your content for multiple purposes, including email newsletters, updated network of social media to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+. All your blog if you have an RSS feed will allow you to easily provide content to other sites.

6. Measurement and Optimization

Measurement and Optimization

It's easy to measure the results of your site, how many people come to it every day, what keywords they used to find it, where they come from, and more. Google offers a free tool called Google Analytics. Once you add your site, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing and to know what makes the difference of your website.

7. Ready for mobile era

Mobile web design

According to the development trend of 1 to 2 years later, there will be storms in Vietnam on the use of mobile (smartphone and tablet) for web access or retrieve data from across the web app. When there will be more people using mobile devices than computers online.
Factors to help customers design a successful website
The study found that mobile visitors are much different than visitors desktop - mobile client is "goal-oriented", they read fewer pages and spend less time on site you better because they are looking for something specific.

That's why mobile web very important for you to deliver a mobile experience for visitors mobile phone. Most smartphone displays your complete site, scaled to fit the device. Do not let your visitors have trouble to display your website "but to serve them a special mobile site formatted for their devices.

Conclusion: It was everything that the web design company vivicorp want to send to those who have been and will manage the website to cater effectively for their business activities. Currently vivicorp deploy all mobile web design for customers to run parallel with the Desktop version with very low cost. Please contact us when needed.