The benefits of SEO on sales and brand of the business

In the era of the internet boom, in order to serve the development of business sales and brands, SEO has become an important and necessary need for businesses. It becomes a vital factor for the success or failure of businesses, more importantly when the Covid epidemic around the world is increasingly complicated.

1. SEO helps you reach the right customers

Thanks to SEO techniques such as keyword research, quality backlink building, regularly updated useful content information will help many searchers. When a person has a need to buy a product, they will go to Google to search for a place to buy the item they need to buy. Then the websites that do good SEO will reach the right keywords right away.

For long-standing businesses, if they already have loyal customers and a sufficient number of potential customers, stable revenue, SEO Website should also be used to create more value, especially in terms of issues. sales subject. For new businesses, this is something that should be included in their online business development strategy, helping businesses quickly reach customers and gain market share on the online channel.

2. Sustainable Google rankings

Once your SEO marketing strategy is right, the search results for keywords will appear at the top of Google for a long time. By performing website optimization with SEO, the traffic and time users stay on the website will increase.

Accordingly, Google will appreciate the reputation of that website and the ranking on the search rankings will definitely improve. Search results appear on Google rankings, your website will reach customers every day without having to continue to spend money on advertising.

SEO impact on your website

3. Save marketing costs and boost revenue

You do not need to spend money to make ads like Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube but just use SEO techniques on content to get to the top of Google. However, it is necessary to invest time and effort, even money for the initial time to build a website. You can also use Google Search Console to monitor your site's performance in the Google search index.

A basic SEO standard website works like having a marketing team available 24/7 specifically for your business. Even after you lock your office door, basic SEO still works. As a result, buying behavior is strongly promoted, the tendency to convert from potential customers to actual customers purchasing and using products and services also increases.

4. Building a strong brand

Website design is the first step to building your own brand for every business, but taking it to the next level needs the contribution from the SEO process.

SEO brings the website to reach many customers to create a brand with high credibility. The popular presence in the e-commerce market, highly appreciated by search engines, trusted by users, will benefit businesses both now and in the future.

To build a long-term and strong brand, businesses must go through a long SEO process combined with many Digital Marketing skills such as how to create attractive content, optimize keywords, attract traffic or build a basic website. copy. The key factors need to resonate well with each other to win the competition and meet Google's constantly changing algorithm and requirements.

5. Choose SEO standard website design platform

To achieve the highest efficiency for your business, you need to choose the sales website platforms that provide SEO features with a clear, correct, synchronous, consistent, highly feasible and most important strategy. must be consistent with the actual situation of the business, as well as the competitiveness in the market.

SEO alone is not enough, that unit must also know how to take advantage and combine many different marketing methods to overcome competitors, bring as many benefits as possible to the business.

The GoWEB platform helps you design a cross-device compatible website in just 10 minutes. You don't need any coding knowledge, just choose pre-designed website templates and customize the components to create your own style website.

SEO features bring your Website to the top of search results, increasing the likelihood of finding your products and services. Thereby boosting sales and brand recognition.

6. Roi (Return On Investment) is better than regular advertising

With SEO, you can: Measure the effectiveness of your investment against advertising costs accurately. Whether your Website is an E-commerce website or not.

Not only measuring the effectiveness, confirming the profit, website traffic (traffic), and conversion rate of each keyword. But also have a better overview from which to know that I have a problem. Or invest in the wrong part to solve specifically.

For example:

The keyword "car rental service" has about 12,100 searches per month. According to statistics, the websites in the Top position have the following click-through rates:

Top 1: 35%
Top 2: 20%
Top 3: 15%

Assuming you are in Top 1, this means:

You will have 12,100 x 0.35 = 423.5 Clicks/month. With a conversion rate of 4% (depending on the industry, this conversion rate will change. In this case, I chose the lowest number). You get 423.5 x 4% = 17 customers/month.

If the profit of each service is 500,000 VND. Then 1 month you will earn 8.5 million VND with just one keyword "car rental service".

In fact, you don't just do the SEO for this one keyword. You will do a whole set of keywords related to it such as: "cheap car rental service", "car rental service in Hue", "cheap car rental in Hue"... and The total number of searches can even reach 300,000 searches/month.

The above is just an example of a rough estimate of the value you get when you do SEO. In fact, there are many other ways that you can accurately calculate your profit when implementing these SEO campaigns.

7. SEO provides credibility

Most people think that Google gives a certain website the top position, which means that the website is one of the leading companies in the field they are looking for. Your customers may not realize it, but in fact, the higher your Google search rankings, the more trust you have in their eyes.

8. Create a better user experience

Everyone wants their website to rank high without having to spend any money. But few realize that optimizing the user experience contributes significantly to achieving that goal.

Google is getting smarter day by day, it understands whether users are having a favorable experience or not. Therefore, from the positive user experience, becomes a factor leading to the success of the website. Customers know what they want and need. Once not good SEO, really the results will not be good.

For example, Google is building strong user experiences. By providing information quickly, easily with fewer clicks. Instead of having to make users find information everywhere through many mouse clicks.

So when you do SEO, you are creating a better user experience. This is absolutely beneficial for businesses.

9. SEO positively impacts the buying cycle (Buying Cycle)

From the buyer's perspective, the Internet is the place where they can do their searches.

As a business owner, with a good product and quality service in hand, if you leave it alone and do nothing, it is difficult to convey that to customers. But by using SEO tactics, you can optimize content, convey your message to customers. From here, it's easy to promote a product or service. Drive the buying cycle and master the industry game.

10. SEO opens up new opportunities

Quality SEO will always find ways to discover and take advantage of every new opportunity. Helping the brand to constantly develop, but also "shine" in the fiercely competitive market.

Using SEO services means that your business is being focused by the entire professional SEO team on the brand that you hold. More customers, skyrocketing orders is what SEO has been helping many businesses.

Do you understand what SEO is and its benefits? Seo really has a huge role in developing brands and businesses, right? These are just some of the basics of seo. If you want to learn more, specialize in this field or need professional seo services in Hue, please contact us quickly to have the opportunity to develop your business!

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