Careers respected SEO for online business bloom

07/10/2021 14:19

Not a new job, not on the top of high income, but the amount SEOer increasing the field of e-commerce is growing in Vietnam.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is understood as the work search engine optimization. The SEO (SEOer) not merely webmaster they know the techniques to manipulate the software to the information of a site closer to search engines, help the website of enterprises rank high on the chart with the keywords that users search on the internet.

Staff will search SEO keywords related to products and services that are provided now. After conducting optimization of web content, SEO practitioner will promote the site on forums, blogs, social networks like Facebook, Twitter ... to improve rankings in web arrangement position easily attract readers picked.

If you have good skills, in addition to work at a company, SEOer can build personal websites are self-employed, making money online. So now many people are interested and want to try SEO profession. "Good SEO is like the business is located on the main street," Mr Nam analogy.

Customers buying online is always psychologically want to consult, at various addresses to compare prices, quality, origin ... even when they know very well about the products. Normally, customers only care about the first 10 address on the search engines like google, yahoo, bing. This is also the location where the business needs to be sustained in order to attract buyers.

Indeed, for a stable website on the top 10, most of the businesses that spend a small fee not to units providing search engines. However, according to Poetry, took money to have high rankings in many cases not bring business results as expected. Therefore, many businesses find ways to optimize through SEOer. "E-commerce grows, the demand for SEO increasing".

Wages paid to a rookie SEOer oscillating current 4-6 million a month, while 15-20 million a month for people with long experience. Compared to other occupations, this is still a good income level.

This person said, SEO is no longer a hot career as a few years ago, the number SEOer increase competition in the industry makes also more intense. It is also one of the reasons that his income nor recently completely from SEO profession. "I do SEO as a hobby rather than a primary monetization channels as before," he said.

Evaluation of job prospects when ecommerce SEO thrive in the future, he said that both sectors are expected from 2010, but so far has gone to the original. According to him, e-commerce development in Vietnam want to synchronize multiple factors such as electronic billing, legal framework, brand protection and goods ... can replace commercial channels as the current offline .
Mr. Nam said that in Vietnam from 2013 to now, businesses have become more aware of the importance of SEO and invest more in online business. However, you also said that SEO is not necessarily "the key" to open the door to help consumers closer to the business without providing the right product quality, design and promotion on the site Whether enterprises SEOer talented team. "In my opinion, no matter what profession, the quality of the products remains critical," he said.