Ensure SEO Factors on the Site

11/08/2022 15:31

In fact, there are many models of building a site system, depending on the size, finance and human resources of the business, some SEOs do onpage optimization first, then consider the construction. the satellite site system and they are more interested in the conversion rate (the number of customers contacting the business) and focus mainly on long keywords (6-7 words) after the study of words lock carefully.

But some other SEOs are of the opinion that focusing on building satellite sites is necessary, but not important, by taking care of the main site to achieve true power. If you want to have a standard site system, the site itself must meet the standards, which onpage optimization plays an important role, both in structure and content, because the quality content is new. Suffering from quality access sources, resulting in high conversion value. Parallel that is performing effective offpage through social networking, online media channels.

Some criteria for a website standard SEO:

1. Web Layout & Layout:

Images, colors, layouts attract the attention of visitors.

Website features simple, easy to use, easy to find because the majority of users are less patient when accessing a website is quite complex.

Use navigation for website, ensure good navigation for visitors.

2. Web Content:

Content is concise, concise, accurate information, suitable, meet the search needs of customers.

Information about products and services: updated regularly, clear, detailed, avoid misleading.

Intensely interact with users, stimulating the curiosity of visitors to increase conversion rates from visitors on the website to become true customers.

Build social network sharing button to attract visitors from the social network into the main website.

Make a support page, help or FAQs, update your FAQs frequently.

The content is guaranteed to be unique and fresh.

3. Speed ​​website loading

Website works well on all browsers, devices such as desktop, laptop, ipad, iphone, smartphone, ...

Fastest load speed possible (under 5 seconds for a page load)

Limitations for Flash

Limit the use of large images, reducing the speed of loading the website

4. Ensure SEO Factors on the Website

There is a standard sitemap for Google and a robots.txt file located at the root of the site.

Use .htaccess to move domains from non-www to www (301 redirect technique) and navigate to 404 error pages.

Use separate META title, keyword, description tags for each page, using alt, title for all images.

Eliminate dead links

Not using iframes, most Search Engine does not index iframes.

Do not use the popup in the website.

Insert links to bookmarks, social networks after each article.

Check the source code and make sure there are no errors in the pages

Check and fix HTML errors by: validator, w3, org.

Links must be quality, need to have the link role as the "Professor respectable" referring to his website, not much.

5. Use Link Wheel and Pyramid models to build a standard site system

To build a site standard system, ensure the construction of satellite pages, the main page must meet the standards and apply correctly, there are a number of Link Wheel and Pyramid models to build strong, stable system:

Link Wheel: helps increase the rank of the target keyword, the main page and the target page all get the link value from other websites. This is not Black Hat so will not be penalized but vice versa, if the SEOer know how to use the right way the results are always good.

Things to avoid when SEO website:

Do not duplicate content on multiple pages

Content not quality

Many content together for a short time

Do not diversify the form of linking between subpages.

Pyramid: Used to create a network link to improve the overall ranking of the website, is a diversified link chain that requires the serious investment of the SEOer.