A great way to make money with your domain name

Domain name business is an extremely attractive field, but to be successful is not a simple matter at all. This work is high risk with low success rate because the difference in perception, vision as well as needs of each person is different.

The following article, we will introduce to you some ways to start making money from domain names to quickly get the most success!

Establish a valuable domain business portfolio

It will take users months or years to build a high-quality domain name business portfolio. If you want to limit the risks when investing a large fee in hundreds of domains in the same field, you must know which domain groups will develop in the future.

If you are a professional domain name trader, the least you need to know is to take advantage of the opportunity to use the COUPON code of the registrars to be able to buy many domain names at the cheapest price.

Some business people will first look up domain information to choose to buy domains in some potential and valuable areas and then sit idle to wait for the domain name to increase in price.

Others want to develop websites, blogs and make money from affiliate programs, advertising, affiliate marketing, park domain names. Using the right domain name is the most effective first step to making money.

How to buy domain name

Domain groups you should be interested in

Here are the domain groups that users need to pay attention to when using domain names:

1. Domain name address

This domain represents the names of cities, countries, and unplanned locations. Those can be significant investments over time. This type of domain name is sold to web developers looking to build community portals or many organizations that develop business models at a local scale.

2. Commercial domain name

Domain names serve business purposes, types and business services. They are often generic keywords, for example: dentists, charity centres, healthcare, SPA, beauty services, domestic help… can also be great investments when combined with domain names containing geo keywords.

Finding essential products and services locally is a great business opportunity, especially in the e-commerce environment.

3. Event domain name

Domains containing keywords about music, sporting events, history, tourism of major countries or cities in the future are often seasonal domain names but have huge profits.

The most popular domain business models today

Most online business models take a lot of time and money to work. Here are some of the most popular domain business models today, let's take a look!

  • Domain name registration service provider
  • Brokerage and reseller of domain names related to domain transfers.
  • Use the domain name to build an Affiliate marketing network, online advertising or domain parking system.
  • Add value to the domain name and resell it to the end customer (Flipping Domain).
  • Apply domain names related to 1 field to implement an effective online marketing campaign.

Make money from buying and selling domain names

There are many ways to buy and sell domain names. Users can choose professional domain name providers such as GoDaddy.com, NAME.COM... to facilitate the auction.

These businesses are applying high technologies with a wide association that has facilitated the domain name business worldwide, and this is an extremely attractive business.

Pricing for domain names

The preferred method for domain name traders with large domain portfolios is often determining a specific price when selling a profitable property. This also creates more profits in the future. However, the issue of domain name pricing is relatively complicated and has not yet promoted the domain name business.

The benefits of domain pricing

Domain name valuation is especially meaningful to those knowledgeable in the field. For consumers, the importance depends on whether they really want to buy the domain name or not.

To sell a domain name of great value where many people need it, auctions are a great way. In Vietnam, there is currently no domain auction floor, so you need to register as a member as well as participate in domain name auctions at foreign exchanges such as godaddy, afternic, sendo, ...

Domain Name Valuation Methods

  • The method estimates the value of the domain in cash in 1 year (estimated 5 times).
  • Use tools to check the value of domain names like Valuate.com, Estibot.com, etc.
  • Use DNSalePrice.com to compare domain value through related transactions in near-term.
  • Use Google's Adwords tool by search volume on the page and PPC pay per ad click to price domain names.
  • Based on the domain name extension (.vn, .com.vn, ...)
  • Based on the elements of the name part of the domain name such as length, number of compound words, words and abbreviations, etc.
  • Based on market and target audience
  • Based on user's judgment experience.

Domain names for sale

In case the domain name is little noticed or its exact value is not known, the form of domain name sale price is extremely reasonable. Users can do it in many ways with different methods, but we recommend using cheap, fast and useful tools such as email, blog, forum or social network, etc.

The secret to making billions from domain names

Virtual world but can bring you real money. Believe it or not, look at how other people actually make a lot of money from websites and domains like this:

1. Make money from domain names with Domain Parking

The most popular and easiest way to make money on the internet for domainers is the form of Domain Parking. The form of DOMAIN PARKING helps domainer make money on the clicks of visitors to this website, especially when a domain investor registers a domain name but he has no plans to develop a website or blog on that domain.

Changing the DNS of the domain name or pointing the IP to the hosting of a company specializing in providing Park Domain services, the owner of that domain name, will immediately have an eye-catching website with advertising links and images involve.

To achieve high efficiency with Domain Parking, domainers need to set up the main keywords for their domain park page, making a lot of money or a little money depends on the quality of the domain name, traffic and words. The primary key of that domain name, in addition, Domain Parking also depends on the location of the country where the click and click hit the target.

2. Make money from domain names through advertising

A professional domainer usually has a lot of beautiful domain names related to hot topics and easily develops into a useful website, blog or forum. When that website is large enough and the blog specializes in an attractive field, many visitors, domainer can link with advertisers to place banners or put advertising codes like GOOGLE ADSENSE, CHIKITA, etc.

The more good and useful content your website has, the more traffic it will attract and if you do a good job of optimizing advertising on your website, the domainer will have a fairly regular monthly income from your website. his blog. Making money through advertising is the most interesting way to make money for domainer.

3. Make money from domain names with affiliate marketing services (Affiliate Marketing)

Selling products associated with suppliers is the best form of making money online for domainers. Affiliate selling is a way of selecting and presenting unique products to domainer users and readers through their website and blog.

Domainer will not need to develop products, do not need to manufacture, own or provide products, but only post products of companies, businesses and individuals who have products. Each product sold through the affiliate link from the website that the domainer introduces will be deducted % of the commission.

The average % commission of a transaction through Affiliates - affiliate marketing is 15% to 25% with some exceptions being 50%. Most of the products that are selling well through this form are application software, health video training courses, on how to make money online, and engaging training courses on how to cook, Weight loss, fitness, marriage and health counseling, ...

Companies that provide affiliate marketing services (Affiliate Programes) do very well such as CJ, CLICKBANK, AFFIALIATE… The companies that have a wide range of products and apply successful affiliate marketing are Ebay & Amazon.

4. Make money from domain names by selling online

Many people think domainer means someone who only deals in digital products i.e. products related to domain names and websites but actually domainer are people who trade ideas and related products or through internet market. So finding good ideas is a business trait of domainer.

Want the domain name to become valuable and attractive to customers, the domainer is the creator of traditional business projects applied with a keyword domain name.

Build a website and SEO them to the top of GOOGLE to make that product stand out and reach a lot of customers. So, the application of online marketing capabilities, keyword domains and a little SEO skills help domainer sell products relatively smoothly in the internet environment.

Hot and easy to attract products are unique fashion products, accessories, technology toys, technology equipment.

5. Make money from domain name by creating E-Book and selling E-book

As we all know, today's electronic reading devices are very popular and of all types, SMARTPHONE, IPHONE, IPAD devices all have the function of reading e-books.

The most famous technology companies today are jumping into this market so good and useful EBOOKs are selling very well on AMAZON and many people have become billionaires by selling ebooks, domainer is a business and working person. on the internet if you have the ability in a certain field you can create an ebook and sell it on your website or personal blog.

An alternative is to obtain copyright and then electronically publish a piece of useful literature or research that can be sold and downloaded for a fee. In Vietnam today, there are companies that are also very successful with this type of business. A student or a student with limited internet knowledge can also make money through this form.

6. Make money from domain names by building forums and collecting membership fees

Creating a website, a strong forum to enjoy membership is not a simple task, but if successful, this is a meaningful gift for domainer, it helps to improve reputation and create many opportunities for investors. from domain. Once a successful website has been built, the domainer not only sells advertising positions on that website, but also receives money from paying for the rights to become a member of that website or forum.

Usually these membership fees are not high, but with a large number, the investor's income is very large, in addition, the opportunity to transfer a domain name investment project with a strong website is a successful transaction. much profit.

7. Make money from domain names by selling and renting domain names

Buying and selling domain names is one of the main activities that make a domainer rich, so being proficient in domain name transactions with exchanges and international payments is an indispensable skill of a domainer.

Investing in domain names, selling domain names, selling beautiful websites, selling beautiful blogs, or advertising online through domain names are normal business activities of domainer. Once you have the necessary skills and experience, domainer can create many potential sources of passive income.

Above are 7 ways to make money online that not only can be applied by domainer, but anyone who is working on the internet environment with a passion, creativity and serious attitude can succeed.

Business risks & making money from domain names

You should consider carefully before buying and selling domain names because there are many risks for domain name traders. Specifically, solvency, subjective attitudes and violations of the law. In addition, there are also many false reviews that fund payments are in error. So be a savvy consumer by considering the risks before investing in domains.

Legality when trading domain names & making money from domain names

From a legal perspective, a domain name can be a business name that operates mainly in the Internet and e-commerce environment. Choosing the same domain name as the registered trademarks can lead to litigation even though there are many similar trademarks nowadays.

Domain names are not subject to intellectual property but they have their own regulations and are subject to international law. So the domain name is unique. In addition, the domain has the right to freely register, individuals and organizations have equal rights. However, if there is a domain name dispute, it is an unnecessary inconvenience for a domain name speculator.

In some cases, domain names are stolen and put up for sale before buyers know they're not the real owners, so verification through trademark lookups and whois information and name history domain on search servers is essential.

It is also for the above reasons that people consider domain name business and making money from domains as one of the very right things to do. It is also a form of labor, creativity and financial investment for business like the fields of real estate, securities, banking, etc.

Any investment, domain name business also has its own risks that are not worth it. But for the hard-working and serious domain name speculators who spend a lot of time looking at the risks and benefits clearly, domain names can turn out to be a very profitable investment. high and very interesting in the current stage of internet development.

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