Web Design: 5 features small businesses can not ignore

07/10/2021 14:28

Website is one of the representatives of the corporate image, the method for enterprises to put information out to the public outside. Recognizing the importance of this from an early age, many business owners poured tens, hundreds of millions to design and maintain a website for unique, eye-catching, but nevertheless, the fact that many sites do not generate high traffic and do not attract customers.

Thus, most businesses have websites but are not always successful website. Is there something less precise on this site? Many experts researching the web features gave the answer: Design plays an important role in determining the success or failure of the website.

Imagine then, you set foot on one page A need to search by a certain X problem. However, Page A bad design, not related to the content, there is no customer support position, causing inconvenience and embarrassment for the persons they want to leave the page. What will happen?

Must have, now will really lose a potential customer base and long term. To avoid this, experts in web design launched 5 features that your website is indispensable in this age of online marketing today. 1. Designed to adapt and to clear the main menu bar

Readers who visit your website can come from many different countries and using the computer, various equipment. With the preloaded features adaptive design (Responsive design), your website will automatically adjust to fit the reader device is being used.

For example, the PDA (digital devices portable), tablet PCs and mobile phones, the web is designed to adapt automatically adjust the size of one or two-column interface for standalone vision Illustration more convenient. After accessing the site, customers can easily find the tabs, links and buttons.

With adaptive design, website layout should have a clear, succinct, how the viewer's eye will automatically navigate to look at product images, buttons buying or shopping cart. Amazon and E-bay is the typical example of how this design. The auto resize their pages and highlight the button or shopping cart and payment, making even the first guest access is also easily visible.

2. Ensure element keyword optimization search (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a crucial element to ensure the right of the target customers will have access to your website when they search for a tag. The combination of an article or correct keywords and will help increase traffic. Web design companies sometimes also provide content or keywords that many people are interested, help you increase your business value.

3. Interaction with customers

People who visit your website are often interested in the product or certain features provided by the website. The result is that they will have simple questions or inquiries, ... Therefore, you should prepare readers can share proposals to questions and find answers.

The information box for customers; FQA section (FAQ); allowing free electronic download, to copy word, pdf explaining the product; online chat tool; tools remote inquiry by telephone, online video, online training, webinar or newsletter (newsletter) each week, ... will serve as the customer needed to understand more about the product, service, business you now.

You can also set up a dedicated forum for readers based on their website and made a list of e-mail to send information, coupons, promotional or sample products, ... for guests.

A website created to interact with a website customers will make people feel the communication, respect, and of course, the opportunity to make people return will be higher.

4. Integration of social media

Nowadays people use social media to interact with customers, build brands and increase business value. So why on my website, you do not make use of this medium?

Please attach all the social network accounts, accounts blogs, ... the company on the web. Readers may recognize, contact and become a fan with the company through these accounts. In addition, given the Like button, Share, E-mail, ... on each article, news, product images, ... Readers can access your interface across all social media dirty.

This is very important because it will help boost SEO, improved visibility of content and products online, even, push traffic (traffic) and ranking (ranking) for the website.

5. Confidentiality of customer information

There is a secure website and reliably is extremely necessary when you sell products or simply promote your webiste. The form of encryption such as SSL, VeriSign Trust E, Entrust, GeoTrust, ... is the ideal way to protect your website and prevent hacker intrusion brand image sabotage or theft of customer data.

Above is the small share of these features can not be ignored by a website. However, despite all elements integrated on the website still needed to ensure the simple. A well-designed website with simple, really will cause to be effective when customers visit and help increase customer traffic.