Business website design: Beautiful, but be safe

11/08/2022 15:34

"If the former, companies only design requirements so that the site is beautiful, then this year they were more realistic. In addition to the aesthetic elements, companies are very interested in effective sales site that brings. "

Demand for web designers is growing fast, especially in the small and medium enterprises, as more businesses understand the importance of having a website to eye-catching, user-friendly interface, attract users, thereby, helping enterprises to boost e-commerce channel and a channel more effective online marketing ...

Tran Chi Han, Director of Commercial Services Nhat Tien (business car lights), said he has hired to redesign the company's website. New website more user-friendly interface with the user, easy to manage content information, customers easily search for products than before. In addition, the site is integrated shopping cart for guests to buy online ...

Rising demand

According to Mr. Lam Quang Vinh, general director of JSC Vina Design web design, the demand for web designers today's businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, is increasing about 50% same period last year. "Businesses have become increasingly aware of the need to have a website with eye-catching interface, compelling content ... to attract customers learn about products-services, in order to boost online sales channel . Especially in gloomy economic times, as now, it makes the web design market comes alive, "Mr. Vinh said.

And Duy Huynh Ngoc, Director of Mat Media (enterprise specializing in web services and domain name), said the number of customers that Mat Media gain from August to October increased by 20% compared with the three months earlier.

On the other hand, according to a survey of eCommerce Department - Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2010 more than 40% of enterprises with revenue from e-commerce sites; half said it has now invested in the e-commerce applications.

In addition, more than 60% of businesses surveyed believe their revenue will increase by ecommerce and will increase further in the coming period. To enhance access to markets, over 40% of businesses have also made individual websites and 15% of businesses with online marketing (e-marketing).
Professional web design
The investigation report said, around 21% of businesses expected to build the site in the future, an increase of 24% compared to the same period in 2009.

Trends change

According to Vinh, design trends of the business site has many changes compared to the previous year. "If the last year, now only requires that the site design is beautiful, that is focused more on the form, then this year they were more realistic. In addition to the aesthetic factor, now very interested in effective sales that bring sites, online marketing capabilities ... "Mr. Vinh said.

As businesses use outsourced services, a friendly site must include three elements: user-friendliness, friendly and search engine friendly web administration.

In the first factor, to do for customers accessing websites that feeling of closeness, such as simple design, elegant colors, easy to find information ... In the second element, site should be the standard layout, use the appropriate keywords to the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to find out when customers type keywords. Finally the administrator-friendly, because not all companies do also have a staff of information technology or business owner is an expert in web site design should be how to make them easy Love Me or updated information.

But according to Mr. Wei, now there are two major trends when designing websites. The first is that businesses need a "face" on the Internet to introduce companies, products and services, these firms often have no function or no investment for online sales channel. The rest are businesses wishing to sell goods over the Internet, has invested heavily in e-commerce, to take advantage of sales opportunities through the site in order to increase sales for businesses.

"Last year, about 10 new sites every birth, about three pages of e-commerce features such as shopping cart, payment gateway ..., while this year, it had 10 sites and five ecommerce sites Prince, an increase of 70% over the same period last year, "said Duy said.

Besides, Mr. Vinh said the difficulties that are often encountered when Vina Design website design for clients is that they often do not know the specific needs of their own, they want towards goal ... so suppliers level to advise on this. Also, in the process must constantly adjust the site according to your requirements should be affected more or less on schedule.

In addition, customers only care about the design of a website user friendly interface to promote companies, products but still not pay much attention to care little for the information content. The reason is that these businesses have not seen the huge benefits that brings web content, or their lack of personnel dedicated to the updated content to the site.

"If you want your business to be more effective online marketing via the Internet, but to have your own website and promote it to consumers through services such as online marketing, e-mail marketing (e-mail marketing) or search engine optimization (SEO) ..., businesses need to have the information appealing content, regularly update the news "hot" related to the business sector "he Duy adds.

Also according to Mr. Wei, customers should not only cheap popular elements. Currently many new businesses entering the market designed websites often offer very low prices in order to gain access to customers, can be from 500,000 to 700,000 VND / website, even free. Meanwhile, a website is not merely external interface that includes a lot of other factors such as the structure, design, security, after-sales service and maintenance during the operational site ...

If you only care about the original price, the customer can buy only a very small part of the site, also with the factors arising after that, would have cost five or 10 times the original price to repair or remedy that can not necessarily be long-term use.

According to experts, many enterprises have started interested in using the web reader application on smart phones, mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad ... by adding a website designed to interface which help customers to read web pages on these devices easier and faster.

Regardless of security issues

Mr. Han's company Nhat Tien said, although only a small business, but when put to design a web page, he uses the service pack, including security issues, because according to him, if the site is broken, hackers can use the site to evil purposes, influence and prestige of the company brand.

Not only Mr. Han that many small and medium businesses today are also becoming interested in information security issues for the site. Mr. Phan Hoai Tam, Director of Tourism Vietnam Canh Chim, said his business is also investing for the site by using the security services package comes with the original design. In the future, if possible, his company will continue to upgrade the safety information added to the site.

However, Mr Vinh said the Vina Design, number of businesses concerned about information security issues for the site has not increased much, only about 20% over the same period last year. The reason is that some enterprise customers think the current site was pretty cheap, if hacked, then remade nor how much.

In addition to using security technology site, according to Mr. Vinh, businesses should also build an information management process closely, not to assign an employee responsible for many cases websites recent attacks occurred are due to internal staff caused.