Opportunities and challenges of a startup with the website design service online

11/10/2021 11:31

Try walking through a ring on Google with the keywords "online sites do," "do online website" can come across a lot of products with attractive offerings, with the commitment to making websites quickly, utilities, good security and so on. And whether users are not knowledgeable about programming, the creation of a website like that also becomes very simple.

A few years ago, to be able to create a complete website, the person who created it must have certain knowledge of web development, design, programming. Whether you use an open source (like wordpress, blogspot etc.), Only makes the work becomes easier for Webmasters. In addition, the cost to produce a complete website is also quite expensive, so for normal users, there is a website for himself still is difficult.

But things have gradually changed when the internet boom in Vietnam. When using the internet, people can work more, share more with each other, the Internet also opens up a new horizon for the business enterprise. Website outer side effect is a set of business was a tool that helps businesses reach more customers, more efficient operations and gain more profit.

Startup web design

Needs to do great website

A fundamental point that needs making strong website that is rapidly growing in the number of online sales shop. As a special activity on the internet should be a sales website is almost a must, while the majority of the online shop owners are not able to create yourself a professional website. This is fertile ground enabling enterprises to provide online services development sites in both quantity and quality. These include a lot of names on the market today such as: Bizweb.vn, Sieuweb.vn, Dos.vn, Tentenshop.vn, ekip.vn, Haravan.com, Webbnc.net etc.

The advantage of doing online sites compared to traditional

The reason that online services website is a lot of customers choose to use because they have a lot of advantages and service advantages over traditional forms of doing website.

The first obvious advantage is that customers do not know much about programming can create their own website for a short time, the interface is optional and can be customized to your liking instantly through intuitive administrative interface .

- Do not assigned "code" and "database" for customers to customers who do not need to care about this issue. When errors occur, can relate to the technical team to handle or when upgrading, can be applied to a series of customer sites automatically

- The cost of this service is paid in the form of subscriptions, so the cost of a smaller initial investment than do traditional website package format.

- Customers will be optimized to support the website and SEO as well as technical support, during use.

Opportunity to join this market startup.

Although the market is very dynamic as websites but not easy for the new products has been a firm foothold. Businesses go ahead still doing their duties very well and it is holding a large share of the tens of thousands of customers. DKT is Bizweb company's services are born very early and is regarded as one of the leading advocates of the market, the company serves about 4,000 customers on its system. Moreover, DKT has received investment from CyberAgent Ventures fund earlier this year to further increase resources for development plans for the future. In addition to DKT, the other startup has been involved in this market are very good platform with presence across 3 regions as Sieuweb, Tentenshop, crew and so on. And yet, Pricing was not on board when they launched Webbnc invested very carefully and methodically.

The online services website supports many beautiful interface templates.

Markets do online sites is gradually taking shape and will not be many opportunities for new startups join this market. However, if a startup has developed a reasonable plan, then everything can happen. Basically, all these services are available on the market today are quite similar in terms of price, quality of service. If a new product launched under fully learn the product ahead of the failure rate is very high because there is not a clear competitive advantage. Instead, develop support tools will be a reasonable direction and that would be the added value to persuade customers to use the product.

A website inception will need a lot of factors to be able to thrive, such as user-friendly interface, convenient billing, order management with easy access to necessities such as SEO, Marketing, advertising and so on. If the Startup provide its customers with all the tools to help them better sales, it is a successful product.

In the near future, the battle between the online services website will not just elements of the brand, price, quality of service but also a battle of the tools to support the development and commercial websites in particular e-commerce in general. Meanwhile, anyone holding the product or service enough to make up an ecosystem comprehensive support to customers, it will be the winner.