Advantages and disadvantages of website design services

If you are a shop owner, a business owner, creating a website for your company or store is really necessary.

With the need to build and design websites, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each web design method is also a way to help you get oriented in finding the most suitable website design method. Let's join Viet SEO to immediately refer to the following article:

1. Open source website design

Open source website design (Opensource) is simply understood as the design process in which programmers can use the website interface or publicly shared resources and source code to create a website. Build a complete website.

In Vietnam, web design services using Opensource are mainly Wordpress website design, Joomla or Magento website design, OpenCart.


Free to use: Without spending too much time or effort, you can also create your own website for free.

The support comes from the user community: With open source websites being developed strongly and widely today, it is largely due to the user community and IT sharing on the internet. Therefore, in the process of building open source web, if you are facing some difficulties, through the user community, you can find answers to the problems you encounter.

Update new versions quickly: For open source websites, the speed of updating versions and patching bugs is very fast. Therefore, even if you are not knowledgeable about security, you can still have some peace of mind thanks to these updates.


Website design using open source code is often not appreciated for security due to the use of the same source code with some Plugins that may contain viruses/malware that harm the website and slow down the website speed. When integrating many Plugins, there are often problems when Plugins or themes (Themes) are not compatible with the source code.

Difficulty fixing errors: Because the open source website is pre-written by volunteer programmers abroad, the company providing the website for you is not the one who knows "every single hair" of your website. , so when the website has an error or you want to upgrade more functions ... then the web provider will inevitably be embarrassed and even have to give up.

Cannot create unique features: Open source Web is written with functions and interfaces with the ideas of foreign programmers, so when you have a good idea and need to write more functions according to the characteristics of your company, Your web development will not be possible and you must accept the framework of that source code.

Website design services

2. Hand-coded website design

The most popular website design service used by many customers today is hand-coding website design, of which two popular programming languages are PHP and ASP.NET.

Advantages of coding websites: having the ability to design a unique and eye-catching interface with integrated features according to customer's own requirements, and the ability to customize the interface and upgrade features conveniently when available. demand.

In addition, the security of hand-coded websites is often appreciated because the code is completely new written by programmers of website design companies, a convenient management system is developed separately, helping users. use quickly.

The disadvantage of this type of website design service is that the price of website design is usually higher than that of open source webste design, the design time is longer depending on the specific interface and feature requirements of the customer. row.

It is difficult for users to edit the Website because the source code is often separated from the library and coded in its own way. Safe editing can only be established by the company that designed the source code itself.

Should you design a website with hand code or open source code?

Depending on the circumstances and needs of each person, apply website design solutions accordingly.

When choosing the form of website design on demand, that is, choosing products with the aim of bringing high performance, minimizing time and costs. If you are looking for a fast - compact - lightweight design solution, choose open source.

If your project requires high quality requirements, long-term investment website, professional processing functions with beautiful, unique graphics, SEO standards, easy device compatibility, etc., then a good solution. The best will be to make a website by hand code. For businesses, professional web design is the optimal solution in business development.

So where is the best website design today?

To find a website design unit really quality, ensure prestige and bring benefits and efficiency is really not simple in the countless service providers on the market.

Understanding that customer's mind, Viet SEO introduces a professional website design service with an appropriate cost to bring satisfaction to customers who are in need of website design with outstanding advantages:

Using and constantly updating the latest and most advanced programming technologies such as PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Boostrap,….helps shorten programming time while ensuring the best quality website design. , stable operation, minimizing incidents.

Unique website interface with many modern features integrated, for good visibility on all screen devices from PC, laptop to mobile phone, and SEO standards according to the latest criteria by Google. Commitment to ensure timely implementation, fast working time. Long-term warranty, lifetime support at no cost to the customer, quickly fixing problems as soon as they are requested from the customer.

It is important that the cost of website design is reasonable, worthy of every penny spent by customers, and detailed advice on building a website that best suits the requirements and purposes of the customer's use.

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