SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". The goal of the SEO implementation is to put your website in the Top 5 or Top 10 in the first page results on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. Implementing SEO is a very independent job. But to achieve the best results, it should be used in conjunction with other tools such as Social Media, Email Marketing, etc. For businesses on the Internet, the battle for high positions on the leaderboard. Rankings of search engines are extremely important.

But gradually understood as Adwords SEM SEO is very difficult due to KPI (index measurement) and ROI (Return of Investment) and often discriminated SEM and SEO as above

If you want to do PPC advertising - Adwords is very easy, anyone with a credit card such as Visa International, MASTER CARD can be registered and read the Help section can be done, self-advertisement on Google or Yahoo are. But SEO is much more difficult, you can spend seven million chips to go to school or can hire SEO services company seo done for you faster.

LBS: Local Base System
VMS: Marketing Virtical search

+ SEO: Usually do long-term, not short-term work. SEO accounted for 88% of the clicks on the website.
+ Adwords usually short-term, immediately pull over uncertain and 12% of customers from search

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